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How to turn on phone without power button?

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Phones these days don’t have a lot of buttons, except, of course, the all-important power and volume buttons. However, how do you deal with your power button not functioning with everything going touchscreen?

In this article, we’re talking about how to turn on your phone without the power button. Here are five methods you can try out to turn on your phone without a power button.

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Plug it in

One of the best ways to try and wake up a phone without a power button is to plug the device into a charger. More often than not, this will wake your phone. Once it’s up, you can ask someone to call you, giving you access to the phone’s screen. 

If you haven’t used the phone in a long time, the battery might’ve gone dormant. In such cases, keep the device plugged in for a few hours to let the battery get back to a state where it can sustain the charge.

Use a pin

If the power button on your phone is broken, you can try and use a thin, sharp object to pry into the phone’s body and press down the actual button underneath. This isn’t a permanent fix, but doing so can help you get out of a tricky situation. 

Use scheduled shutdown

Some phones may have a scheduled shutdown option under the accessibility settings menu. As you can guess, this feature lets you schedule a shutdown (and reboot) time ahead of time. So if in case you need to turn your phone on and the power button isn’t working, try this feature out. 

Now, this won’t be of much help especially considering when your phone is off, but if your phone is shutting down on its own, you can set a specific time so at least you’ll be able to access it when it automatically wakes up from sleep. 

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Remap the power button

You can use third-party apps such as Button Mapper or Buttons remapper to remap your volume or any other buttons you may have on your phone to function as the power button. These apps work without rooting your phone and are a great way to get around a hardware fault in the power button. Once the button has been remapped, you can hold it down to power up or lock your phone as you usually would.


Now, this is a little bit of an extreme measure, but you can use ADB to shut down or reboot your phone using your PC. However, keep in mind that this method requires USB debugging to be enabled, and the default connection mode is set to “file transfer” instead of “charge only”.

Once you’ve got the ADB drivers installed on your machine, plug in your phone, open a PowerShell menu and use ADB reboot to restart your phone whenever required. 

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