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How to unhide a song on Spotify?

Spotify is a rather popular music streaming service with a surprising amount of social features. Users can share their playlists, follow other users and even post their favourite songs to Instagram straight from the Spotify app. 

Apart from this, Spotify also adds a bunch of listening features for its user s including the ability to hide songs and manage their music with a lot of control. 

In this article, we’re taking a look at how to unhide songs in Spotify.

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Unhiding Spotify music

Unhiding music in Spotify is rather easy. Just follow these steps:

And that’s all. You’ll now see all hidden and unplayable songs in your playlists. Do keep in mind that these songs will be greyed out. 

These settings are automatically synced with the Spotify PC app, so you don’t need to make any changes there. If you’re listening to music on your PC using Spotify, it’ll automatically show you any hidden songs. 

Why a song may be hidden depends on a lot of reasons. The song or album might not be available in your region, there might be copyright issues, or you might’ve hidden the song yourself.

How to hide a song in Spotify?

To hide a song, follow these steps:

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