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How to use FaceTime on Android?

One of the biggest features in iOS 15 is the ability for anyone to join FaceTime calls, even people on a non-iOS device. However, to start one, you still need an Apple device.

This system works on Android phones and web browsers, meaning users from Windows or even Linux machines can now join Facetime calls. As good as this sounds, there are still limitations to this system.

In this article, we’re going over you can use Facetime on an Android phone.

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Using FaceTime on Android

Before anything, you’re going to need an iPhone or iPad with iOS 15 installed. The person with the Apple device can create a Facetime link that you can join from your Android device.

Follow these steps to create a link.

Once the Android user has received the link, they can tap it, enter a name for themselves and join the call. Once in the call, users can mute their mics, disable their camera, switch cameras and leave the call as and when needed.

The same link works on PC as well.

While you can join Facetime calls on Android, these calls work through the web browser and not a dedicated application, meaning joining calls is just about everything you can do. 

It’s still unknown if Facetime will ever come to Android as a dedicated app. But in the meantime, this feature should really help Facetime users connect with more people with relatively less hassle. 

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