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How to use third party watch faces on Galaxy Gear/Active?

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If there’s one thing TizenOS absolutely nails when it comes to watches, it’s the watch faces. There are hundreds of watch faces to choose from and a lot of them are from Samsung itself.

Now while Samsung has left no stone unturned when it comes to looks and customisability of their watches, there are still some who can get bored of the watch face collection over at the Galaxy Store.

If you happen to be one of those people, we’ve got you an alternative super cool watch face source that you’re definitely going to love — Facer.

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What is Facer?

Simply put, Facer is a third party watch face app that works across all major smartwatches. The experience is divided into two parts, the app on your phone and the Facer watch face.

What’s great about Facer is the community that builds around it. Not only do you get some pretty amazing watch faces for quite low prices, if not free, but you also get sort of this online community and that can be really helpful.

The Facer platform even lets you design and publish your own watch faces. Feeling creative enough? There are hundreds of design templates to choose — pick one or start from scratch. Once you publish, all your designs will be available for use on all watches supported by the Facer platform.

How to use Facer Watch faces on your watch?

Ready to browse through thousands of cool watch faces? Here’s how:

Step 1: Download the Facer App on your phone.

How to use third party watch faces on Galaxy Watch Active or Gear?

Step 2: Download the Facer Watch Face for your watch from the Galaxy Store. Set this watch face as the active watch face on your smartwatch. You should see the default Facer watch face.

The facer watch face keeps track of your synced watch faces and even offers new random faces each day

Step 3: Open the Facer app on your phone, log in and select your watch. Now you can select/purchase any watch face you want and sync it to your watch with the tap of a button.

Note that even if your watch isn’t listed on the supported watches list, you might still be able to use Facer watch faces. Simply select a similar looking watch (making sure you’re picking the right OS — TizenOS or WearOS — and you can go ahead the same way.

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