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How to waterlog in Minecraft?

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The Minecraft world is full of different gameplay mechanics that come together to give us the game we all love. However, some of these mechanics can be somewhat confusing.

In this article, we’re talking about waterlogging in Minecraft and how you can waterlog items.

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What is Waterlogging?

Waterlogging in Minecraft is a mechanic that allows blocks that cannot or do not fill their entire block volume (called non-cube blocks), such as fences, levers and so on, to be filled with a water source block. Both the non-cube and water block occupy the same space in this case. 

If the original waterlogged item gets destroyed, the water source block takes its place. When playing the Bedrock edition, waterlogging is handled by the game’s layer systems, and generally, all non-solid blocks can be waterlogged. However, keep in mind that none of these blocks can be used to displace water source blocks. 

A waterlogged fence

In Java Edition, certain blocks have a waterlogged state which can be either true or false. A complete separation of blocks and fluid is in the works, though. 

How to waterlog blocks in Minecraft?

Waterlogging any non-cube blocks is relatively easy. You either let them run through a water body or use water buckets to place water around the object so that the water takes up the available space.

Be careful when working with water on solid surfaces, though. Water can flow around (up to seven blocks away on a solid surface) and destroy anything that can’t be waterlogged, including torches, flowers and other items. If you aren’t careful, your nearby structures will wash away at a moment’s notice. 

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