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How to increase your reach on Instagram?

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Instagram uses an algorithm, similar to search engines, which helps users discover relevant content on the platform. Everyone wants to become famous and increase their followers. But it is challenging to reach more people through Instagram as almost all the content you post will be seen by your followers only. However, there are a few ways using which you can reach more people and showcase your talent not just to your followers but also other people who might be interested in it. Here are four ways that can help you to increase the reach on your Instagram account.

Use hashtags

Many people ignore this simple task. Hashtags are one of the most important features on Instagram if you want your content to be discovered by people other than your followers. Many people follow the hashtags which are relevant to their hobbies or their likings. This is the best way to reach your targeted audience.

Use hashtags related to your content and the people who follow these hashtags will be easily able to interact with your post. They may even share your posts with others, and this will give you extended reach. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per post.

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Tag famous accounts who post similar content

Instagram brings new donation sticker, camera updates to StoriesTagging the accounts which already have a large number of followers and post related content will surely make a significant impact on the number of people visiting your account.

When you tag such accounts in your posts, and your content wins their heart, they generally share the content on their stories. This might prove to be very beneficial for your account as these kinds of accounts already have a vast number of people sharing the same interest and when they see their favourite account sharing someone else’s work, they might visit your profile and check out your work, which will increase the overall reach of your account.

Post at peak time

You can check from the insights tab of your account that when your followers are most active. It tells the days and time when you can get peak reach on your content as most of your followers will be active at that time and hence, a higher number of people will be able to view your content.

When you post at a time other than peak time, you might notice that your posts do not even reach all your followers, which is one of the many drawbacks of Instagram’s algorithms.

Promote your content

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The simplest way to increase your reach is by letting others do it for you. Instagram helps you to promote your post by using Instagram story and post promotions.

These promotions are very effective as they allow you to select the kind of audience and the location for which you would like to promote your content. They even enable age-based filters. The more amount of money you put, the higher the reach on your post.

You need not promote each post. You can promote a few posts which are exceptional and which might influence the people to visit your profile. When you get more audience on your account, your account’s reach will automatically increase.

Here’s hoping these things help you increase your account’s reach. If you want to know more about Instagram accounts and features, do let us know in the comments section. Also, share any other tips you might have for others.

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Himanshu Nimje

Himanshu Nimje