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Instagram rolls out ‘pinned comment’ feature worldwide

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Instagram users will now be able to pin comments at the top of their posts on the platform, the social network announced on Tuesday.

The feature, which Instagram started testing in May — at the same time it rolled out the bulk deletion of comments — is aimed to help users manage conversation on their posts better and highlight the important or relevant comments by pinning them to the top of the section.

Users will be able to pin up to three comments at the top of the comments section. The option to pin a comment will be available among the options that appeared when the author of a post swiped left on a comment to either delete, report or reply to a comment.

When a comment is pinned at the top of a post, the author of that comment will be notified on Instagram. Pinned comments appear with a Pinned icon below them.

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Last month, Facebook and Instagram pushed an update to let users have more control over political ads, which can now be turned off in the country. All the ads that carry a “Paid for by” tag on Facebook are subject to the new control given to users on the platform. The option to block certain political and social issue ads from appearing on the timeline will only be available to US users now, with more countries scheduled to be added to this fold later this year.

Last week, Facebook shut down its TikTok competitor, Lasso app, which was launched in November 2018, which comes as surprising move a few days after India banned TikTok, alongwith 58 other Chinese apps.

It was also found out that over 5000 Facebook app developers continued to receive updated non-public user data such as email address and birth date that the user had first shared during a sign-up with their Facebook account, even 90-days after the app hasn’t been used — the cut-off date.

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