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Instagram starts testing Subscriptions with 10 creators

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Instagram has started testing Subscriptions with 10 creators in the USA, who will be able to offer exclusive subscriber-only content to their followers, including Lives and Stories.

To access their subscriber-only content, people will have to pay a monthly subscription fee, ranging between $0.99 to $99.99 — set by the creators. Subscribers will also receive a purple badge that’ll appear beside their username, aiming to help creators recognise them in comments or messages.

Meta will not take a cut from Instagram subscription purchases until 2023 at least — same as Facebook subscriptions purchases.

The Meta-owned social networking company is piloting subscriptions with the following 10 creators:

Meta has constantly been bringing up new ways for creators to monetise on Facebook and Instagram over the past year. Last month, they released professional mode, Stars and Facebook Reels, in 20 countries across EMEA. They also marketed a “stars fest” month, potentially doubling the creator’s earnings.

In a bid to counter Clubhouse — one of the most viral audio-based apps of 2021 — Meta also introduced Live Audio Rooms and Podcasts on Facebook in June 2021, which had monetisation options as well. They also announced rewards and affiliate tools for Instagram creators in the same month.

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