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How to invert colours in Windows 10?

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Long hours of work or a long time spent viewing any screen taxes the eyes. Those with impaired vision might find it daunting to cope with the display.

However, in Windows 10 one can invert colours on their display using many options at their disposal. The high contrast mode, dark mode, and the on-screen magnifier are all capable of changing the palette and reducing screen intensity.

Here we’re going to guide you through how to activate all the three aforementioned features and invert the colours of your Windows 10 display.

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Using Magnifier

Step 1: To open Magnifier, press the Windows key or click on the Windows icon and type Magnifier.

Step 2: Scroll down the menu until you see Invert colours, click on it to enable the effect.

Step 3: Colours stay inverted until the Magnifier app is active. Part of the screen might be zoomed in but can be changed by setting the zoom level to 100%. Set Magnifier to open at startup to avoid repeating these steps.

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High contrast mode

Step 1: Search the Start Menu for high contrast. You can now toggle the contrast by selecting Turn high contrast on or off (This set of steps is also accessible on the Control Panel).

Step 2: Click on the toggle button to turn on high contrast mode. Wait for a few seconds and let the computer adjust the display.

Once it’s done, you can use your preferences to select the desired contrast rate and inverted colours. Toggle-off to exit the preference.

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Turning on dark mode

Step 1: Search for Colour Settings in the Start menu. The dark mode gives the user a darker palette to work with all the while not having to use intensely inverted colours.

Step 2: Under the dropbox Choose your colour, select Dark. Selecting “Custom” changes specific tabs and spaces to darker variations.

Dedicated programs for reducing the screen tint are also available, F.lux is widely used.

If the options provided by Windows aren’t enough for the user, they can use the software in installed Graphic Cards to change display settings.

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Pooshan Singh

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