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14 new things you should check out in iOS 14

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Released on September 16, Apple released iOS 14 updates for all iPhones ranging from 6S to 11 Pro Max, adding iPhone SE and iPhone SE 2 to boot. For phones earlier than iPhone 6S, Updates are only available up to iOS 12.

iOS 14 will support a framework for default browser app and comes with an amazing feature known as ‘Wind Down’ that focusses on your sleeping patterns and filters notifications as well as reminds you to go to sleep at a certain time, among several others that aid productivity and make the UI more intuitive.

It’s recommended to backup your device before installing the new update of 2.83 GB (the actual size varies across iPhones).

If you’ve recently updated your iPhone to iOS 14, here are the 13 new features it brings that you should check out. 

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Homescreen Widgets

One of the foremost updates that iOS 14 brings is smart widgets that will help  you personalise the home screen.

14 new things you should check out in iOS 14 | Candid.Technology

You can also stack 10 different widgets by dragging one onto another and switching when needed. It aptly helps in managing most of the space on your home screen.

App Library

This feature categorises your apps in a single folder, namely Entertainment, Shopping and Food, Games, and so on.

Apple claims that the app library is equipped with an intelligent algorithm that will help you see neatly presented app Suggestions and Recently added list. However, you cannot actually move apps where you want to, for now.

Enhanced Siri

This feature comes with an update in Siri where it won’t block your whole screen and rather shows up at the bottom. Its compact design gives a bit of an aesthetic look.

With the new interface, Siri has now become smarter too and can pull more answers from the web than its previous iOS 13 version.

Much-awaited Picture-in-picture

PiP (Picture-in-Picture) has been one of the most awaited updates for iOS users as it allows you to multitask while watching videos in a small customisable pop-up window.

However, if you want to be able to do this with Youtube, you need to be a Premium user. You can increase and decrease the size according to use and move or hide it to the corner for the audio experience as well.

Call notification update

Incoming calls will no longer block the entire screen but will appear in a little banner at the top — making it easier to answer calls while multitasking.

The same applies to FaceTime Videos as well.

Camera flip

The new iOS update also enables the ‘camera flip’ feature. Under the camera setting, you can turn the ‘mirror front camera’ on or off while taking a selfie.

It also comes up with all new night-mode guides, improved shot-to-shot performance alongwith exposure compensation.


Native messaging on the iPhone gets a major update with pinned conversations, making it easier to organise your messages as well. iOS 14 also brings in-line replies, which helps you start separate conversations for specific messages..

Interestingly, now you can search emoji and even mention the contact name to initiate a conversation.

Accessibility (Touch)

It enables the ‘back tap’ feature that prompts you to set a double tap and triple tap for various commands such as reachability, locking the screen, taking screenshots, activating Siri, volume up, volume down and much more.

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Translate app

The new translate app allows you to translate audio recording and conversations in real-time.

It comes with 11 languages on iPhone to get started with and more will be added in future updates.

Translation and Privacy Report (Safari)

Safari has also been updated with a direct translate feature, which can be accessed by tapping “A” on the toolbar then selecting Translate to English.  You can also access your web browsing privacy report.

To activate this feature, open Safari and tap on the toolbar to find your privacy report which provides you with tracking information.


Maps also get bicycling direction updates based on dedicated lanes. Moreover, it is also equipped to give electric car users directions based on the route that has car chargers. 

Apple Maps does have some overall precise location tracking but still lags behind Google Maps.

Hidden photo album

Replacing the ‘Hidden’ option from the Photos app, the new Hidden photo album allows users to put selected photos out of sight by using the ‘hide’ option in the Share sheet.

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Weather app

You’ll get a minute-by-minute forecast of the weather throughout the day and week alongwith your precise location.

The Weather app now also features the new air quality index.

Security Updates

Apple’s latest iOS 14 update also brings several security bug patches and updates for compatible iPhones.

An enhanced camera security feature has been added. A green indicator pops=up at the top right corner whenever the camera is active in the background and is being used by an app. Similarly, an orange indicator also pops-up when the microphone is being used by an app in the background.

iOS 14 makes sure that no app has access to all of the photos or media on your phone. With this move, apps get access to only those photos you have selected.

A new privacy feature called ‘Tracking’ has also been added. It asks for permission before you’re tracked across apps and websites in order to target and measure your action throughout advertising.

So these were all the new and exciting features that the iOS 14 update brings to compatible iPhones. Let us know in the comments below which ones are your favourite and if you would like to see any other ones from Apple in future iOS updates.

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