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iPhone 14 price and specs: What to expect?

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The new iPhones are a little less than six months away, but the rumour mill is already at work churning out all kinds of different design changes, internal updates and everything else that could change on the upcoming iPhone 14 lineup.

In this article, we’re going over everything we know about what the iPhone 14 could be like. 


Apple has been on a three-year cycle for new devices since the launch of the iPhone 6. We’re currently on the iPhone 12’s design cycle. iPhone 13 was kept pretty much the same, meaning we can see some key design changes this year.

Rumours suggest that the Pro models this year will get a pill-shaped camera cutout housing all the required circuitry for FaceID, while the standard models will continue with the notch, albeit a tad bit smaller. Reports suggest that this design will continue until Apple is ready to put the FaceID and front camera tech behind the screen, but that’s a couple of years away. 

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iPhone sizes are also changing. The Mini variant is getting axed due to low sales figures and replaced with a Max model for the regular variant. You can expect the following four phones.

iPhone modelScreen size
iPhone 14 6.1-inch
iPhone 14 Max6.7-inch
iPhone 14 Pro 6.1-inch
iPhone 14 Pro Max6.7-inch

If the sizes mentioned above come true, it could mean that there’ll be a Max offering for the standard iPhone for the first time. The problem? This further closes the gap between the regular and the Pro iPhones. 

There hasn’t been much talk about the technological improvements in the new iPhones’ displays, but rumour had it that the ProMotion 120Hz display could be standard for the entire lineup. However, due to supply constraints, this feature is expected to remain restricted to the Pro series. 

The Super Retina XDR display from the iPhone 13 is expected to remain on the iPhone 14, with the 14 Max getting the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s display, sans ProMotion. 


For the standard iPhone 14, Apple is expected to continue with the two-camera system we’ve all come to see. One 12MP primary camera and another 12MP ultrawide camera. 

However, to further differentiate its standard and Pro lineup, Apple is reportedly going to upgrade the iPhone 14 Pro lineup to a 48MP primary camera. This will mean a significant increase in raw photographic capabilities reserved for the high-end iPhones. 

The Pro series this year could get a 48MP camera.

Another potential upgrade can be brought to the front camera. The company could shift to a 12MP ultrawide front camera with a wider aperture of f/1.9 (the current one is f/2.2), meaning Center Stage could come to iPhones. Better autofocus can also be expected here. 


There was a lot of chatter around iPhones switching to Type-C from the lightning port. However, Apple’s proprietary port is for at least another generation. The company is also more likely to switch to a portless iPhone than jump ship to USB-C. 

MagSafe has already been introduced in the iPhone 12 lineup, but the connection only works for power delivery at the moment. It’s entirely possible that Apple could add a data transfer component to it, hence making the portless iPhone a reality. For now, the lightning port is staying. 


The return of TouchID is something Apple fans have hoped for quite some time now. While TouchID did come back to the iPhones on the SE lineup, it’s unlikely that the feature will show up on the latest iteration of the iPhone. 

Previous rumours did indicate that Apple could either implement an under-display TouchID or in the side power button, but the company reportedly has no official timeline for either of these features. 

So, for the time being, we’re still stuck with FaceID, promptly housed in a notch on the non-Pro models and reportedly in a pill cutout for the Pro ones. 


Apple already has the jump on smartphone processors with its A15 Bionic SoC, considered one of the most powerful in a smartphone, and we could see it being reused for the standard models. A15 definitely has the raw power to drive another generation of iPhones, so performance shouldn’t be a problem.

The standard iPhone 14s will get the A15 Bionic.

That said, the Pro models will reportedly get a newer A16 SoC. 6GB RAM is expected to be standard across all four models, increasing the 4GB seen in iPhone 13 and 13 mini. This means that performance could be similar between the standard iPhone 14s and the previous iPhone 13 lineup. 

While there’s no rumour on why Apple might use different processors in different models of the same lineup, it could be to create a bigger difference between the standard and the Pro lineup to encourage enthusiasts to go for the Pro lineup. 


Apple has been known to find a price and stick to it for at least a few years. If the market trend is something to go by, the starting prices for this year’s lineup could be as follows.

iPhone modelExpected price
iPhone 14 $799
iPhone 14 Max$899
iPhone 14 Pro $999
iPhone 14 Pro Max$1100+

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