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How much does iPhone screen repair cost? iPhone Repair guide

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Apple iPhone’s are one of the most popular smartphones worldwide, but if your phone is out-of-warranty or isn’t covered by AppleCare+, repairing them can burn a hole in your pocket.

You can get your iPhone repaired in-person at Apple Stores or one of the Apple Authorised Service providers. You can also ship your device to Apple Repair Center, but that might cost extra depending on your device’s warranty status and AppleCare+ coverage.

In this article, we’ve covered the following topics related to iPhone repair. Click on any to scroll down to that section.

For a smooth iPhone repair experience, ensure you’ve backed up your device before handing it over for repair and also keep your Apple ID and password handy.

Is your old iPhone eligible for hardware repairs?

Any iPhones launched in the last five years are eligible for repair. But not all iPhone models are eligible for hardware repair as parts might not be available for older iPhones, which Apple classifies as ‘vintage’ and ‘obsolete’ products.

According to Apple, vintage products include devices that haven’t been sold in the last five to seven years, and obsolete products include those discontinued over seven years ago.

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While you’ll still be able to get vintage products repaired, depending on the availability of hardware at your local Apple-certified repair store, getting hardware support for obsolete products is going to be really difficult as Apple stops shipping parts for them to service providers.

Any repairs not in-warranty or covered by AppleCare+ that need to be shipped will cost an extra $6.95.

You can check out if your phone is vintage or obsolete here.

You can review your Apple warranty status and if you’re eligible to purchase AppleCare+ coverage here.

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How much is iPhone screen repair?

If your iPhone is covered by AppleCare+, screen repair will cost you US$29 (INR 2500).

But if you don’t have that coverage, check out the iPhone screen repair costs for your model below.

Screen repairs are usually done the same day at Apple Stores or Apple=certified service providers but if your iPhone needs to be sent to the Apple Repair Center, you’ll be notified of the pick up time by the technician.

Note that the following prices are applicable only when the repairs are made by Apple. Any Apple Authorised Service providers might change their prices.

iPhone ModelsScreen Repair Cost (USD)
iPhone 12 Pro Max$329
iPhone 12 Pro$279
iPhone 12$279
iPhone 12 mini$229
iPhone 11 Pro Max$329
iPhone 11 Pro$279
iPhone 11$199
iPhone XS Max$329
iPhone XS$279
iPhone X$279
iPhone XR$199
iPhone 8 Plus$169
iPhone 8$149
iPhone 7 Plus$169
iPhone 7$149
iPhone 6s Plus$169
iPhone 6s$149
iPhone 6 Plus$149
iPhone 6,
iPhone SE (2nd generation),
iPhone SE,
iPhone 5s,
iPhone 5c

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iPhone Battery replacement costs

If your iPhone is in-warranty or covered under AppleCare+, battery replacement is done free of cost. For out-of-warranty iPhones, check out the battery replacement cost below.

While Apple Stores do try to repair battery issues during the visit, more complex battery repairs can typically take up to three or five business days, which is the same amount of time it’ll take were you to ship your iPhone for repair.

Note that the following prices are applicable only when the repairs are made by Apple. Any Apple Authorised Service providers might change their prices.

iPhone ModelsBattery Repair Cost (USD)
iPhone X,
iPhone XS,
iPhone XS Max,
iPhone XR, 
iPhone 11 Pro Max, 
iPhone 11 Pro,
iPhone 11, 
iPhone 12 Pro Max,
iPhone 12 Pro, 
iPhone 12, 
iPhone 12 mini
iPhone SE (2nd generation),
iPhone SE,
iPhone 6,
iPhone 6 Plus,
iPhone 6s,
iPhone 6s Plus,
iPhone 7,
iPhone 7 Plus,
iPhone 8,
iPhone 8 Plus,
Other eligible models

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Other iPhone repair costs

If AppleCare+ covers your iPhone, other repairs will cost you US$99 (INR8900). But, if it isn’t, you’ll have to pay the following prices to repair any other damage.

Note that the following prices are applicable only when the repairs are made by Apple. Any Apple Authorised Service providers might change their prices.

iPhone ModelsOther Repairs (USD)
iPhone 12 Pro Max$599
iPhone 12 Pro$549
iPhone 12$449
iPhone 12 mini$399
iPhone 11 Pro Max$599
iPhone 11 Pro$549
iPhone 11$399
iPhone XS Max$599
iPhone XS$549
iPhone X$279
iPhone XR$399
iPhone 8 Plus$399
iPhone 8$349
iPhone 7 Plus$349
iPhone 7$319
iPhone 6s Plus$329
iPhone 6s$299
iPhone 6 Plus$329
iPhone 6,$299
iPhone SE (2nd generation),
iPhone SE,
iPhone 5s,
iPhone 5c
iPhone 4$199
iPhone 4s$149

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iPhone repair options

Check out the three options mentioned below to get your iPhone repaired.

  • You can make an appointment at an iPhone repair store near you, which is Apple-certified, and bring your device there.
  • You can also schedule onsite service, which is available at several locations but will incur additional site-visit fee (to your home or office), unless you’re covered by AppleCare+, in which case the fee is waived off.
  • Lastly, you can ship your phone for repair to an Apple Repair Center.

If you’re looking for iPhone repair options near your location or a particular city, install the Apple Support app from the App Store (if you don’t have it already) and follow the steps mentioned below to find Apple Repair Centers or Apple-certified ones.

  • Tap on the iPhone you want to repair (if you’ve multiple devices linked to your Apple ID.
  • Then tap on Repairs & Physical Damage.
  • On the next page, tap on the issue you’re having. We chose Cracked screen (front only).
  • On the next page, tap on Find Authorized Locations.
  • On the next page, you’ll be able to see iPhone repair stores near your current location. If you don’t, either tap on Allow Location Access or enter the name of your city/postal code in the search bar at the top.

If your iPhone’ screen isn’t responding at all or you don’t have a spare iOS device to install the Apple Support app, go to this link and sign in to your Apple ID to see iPhone repair centres near your location.

You can contact Apple here for more information about iPhone repairs and repair centres near you.

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