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Is Heroic Games Launcher safe?

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As an avid gamer, you may have wondered if Heroic Games Launcher is safe. This platform is helpful for gamers who want to play games from different platforms like Epic Games Store and GOG on their Linux, Windows or macOS devices.

The platform was launched recently and gained popularity as soon as it was released. Heroic Games Launcher is not affiliated with Epic Games or GOG; it uses the APIs to access the game libraries. Moreover, the platform lets you sync your game progress with Epic Games and GOG.

In this article, we’ll conduct a safety assessment of Heroic Games Launcher.

Is Heroic Games Launcher safe to use?

Yes, Heroic Games Launcher is safe to use.

Let us first take a look at the domain name and see whether it is safe or not. We’ll use Virustotal for this purpose.


When we scanned the website on Virustotal, we found no problems with the website. This means that the Heroic Games Launcher website is safe and free of malware.

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As per threatYeti, a domain research tool by alphaMountain threat intelligence, Home Games Launcher has a low risk with a threat reading of 3.38.

Further analysis reveals that out of 5000+ shared IP addresses, about 380 are phishing-related and suspicious. As we can see, the domain is more or less safe, and you won’t have to worry about any malicious activities on this website but it’s never a bad idea to keep your watchful eye out for any anomalies.

What data does the website collect?

Another fact that makes the Heroic Games Launcher app safe is that it does not collect user data, including usernames, passwords, or other personal information.

When you sign in on Epic Games or the GOG website, all Heroic will do is store a token to gather and list the game information. Moreover, Heroic claims they don’t collect any usage data or analytics from the app.

“Your privacy is important to us and we take steps to ensure that your data is secure and not collected or shared without your consent,” their FAQ states.

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Risk of using Heroic Games Launcher?

Heroic Games Launcher is generally safe to use but sometimes could lead to a few risks, such as:

  • Some games or features of Epic Games or GOG may not work on the Heroic Games Launcher, especially those features that require their official clients.
  • Heroic Games Launcher may not be compatible with some anti-cheat systems that some games may use.
  • The app has some bugs that might affect the game’s performance.

In conclusion, Heroic Games Launcher is a perfectly safe app that does not collect your data and can easily link your Epic Games and GOG accounts. Although some people have reported facing minor bugs on the app, there is nothing major, and most people are happy with the app’s performance.

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