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Is Nexus Mods safe?

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Nexus Mods is a popular website for downloading mods, which are user-created modifications for video games. These mods can add new content, change the game’s mechanics, or improve the visuals. However, with any online download platform, there are safety concerns. So, is Nexus Mods safe?

This article discusses whether Nexus Mods are safe to use, the security measures employed by Nexus Mods, and a few tips for staying safe while downloading mods.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, Nexus Mods is a reliable platform where users upload content, which undergoes thorough virus scans conducted by the site. Files that pass these scans receive a certified mark, indicating their safety for download. Being the largest platform of its kind, Nexus Mods is considered entirely legitimate, and many users recommend it as the go-to source for mods.

Apart from Nexus Mods, other trustworthy platforms like Steam Workshop and Mod DB exist. However, exercise caution when downloading .exe or DLL files. Make sure they’ve been tested and downloaded by many users before proceeding.

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Security measures

Nexus Mods itself is a reputable platform. They employ several security measures to keep things safe:

  • Automated scans: All uploaded mods undergo automated scans to detect malware before they are available for download. Files that pass are marked as clean.
  • Moderation team: Nexus Mods has a team of moderators who review flagged mods and remove malicious or violative ones.
  • Community feedback: Users can endorse mods they trust and leave comments, helping others gauge their quality and potential safety risks.
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Tips to stay safe

It’s important to remember that individual users create mods. While Nexus Mods does its best to ensure safety, there’s always a small chance you could encounter an issue. Here’s how to minimise risk:

  • Stick to popular mods: Downloaded thousands of times with positive reviews? These are generally safe bets.
  • Read descriptions carefully: A good mod description will explain what it does and any potential compatibility issues.
  • Beware of executable files (.exe): Most mods are safe files like archives (.zip or .rar). Avoid mods requiring executable installations.
  • Read reviews: Before downloading a mod, consider user reviews and comments. See what other players say about the mod’s functionality and potential issues.
  • Use a good antivirus: Ensure you have a reputable program installed and running on your computer.

Following these tips can significantly reduce the risk of malware or other problems when downloading mods from Nexus Mods.

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