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Is Route app safe?

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The Route app offers package tracking and additional features like claim filing and order history management. While the app claims to prioritise user privacy and data security, there are aspects to consider before deciding if it’s right for you.

This article discusses safety measures implemented by the Route app, potential concerns, user reviews and ratings and whether it is safe.

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Safety measures implemented by Route

  • Data encryption: Route claims to use multiple layers of encryption to protect user data, including HTTPS, on-disk, and application encryption. They also state that they don’t sell user data to third parties.
  • Privacy policy: Their privacy policy outlines their data collection and usage practices, allowing users to understand how their information is handled.
  • Positive user reviews: Many users praise Route’s customer service and appreciate the ease of filing claims and tracking packages.
  • User control: The app allows users to customise their privacy settings, granting them control over the information shared with Route. Users can choose to opt out of certain data collection practices, providing a layer of transparency and autonomy.
  • Third-party partnerships: Route partners with reputable carriers and retailers, ensuring that the user’s package information is handled securely throughout the delivery process. By collaborating with trusted entities, the app aims to maintain the integrity of users’ data.

Potential concerns

  • Limited independent verification: While Route claims strong security practices, independent security audits or certifications would provide additional assurance.
  • Mixed user reviews: While some users have positive experiences, others report difficulties with customer service or billing issues. It’s important to consider the range of experiences when evaluating the app’s overall trustworthiness.
  • Data sharing for tracking: While Route claims to only collect necessary information for tracking, any app that interacts with online retailers may raise concerns about potential data sharing practices.

User reviews and ratings

While Route highlights its security measures, user experiences paint a mixed picture. The app boasts positive reviews on the App Store and Google Play regarding its core functionalities. However, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating raises concerns. While Route holds a 2.18 star rating, several customer reviews mention issues with billing practices and claim denials. On the other hand Route, website has a 4.4 star rating on Trustpilot and a 100 trust score on Scamadviser.

Is the Route app safe?

Yes, While no app can guarantee absolute safety, Route implements security measures such as data encryption, user control over privacy settings, and partnerships with reputable carriers and retailers to protect user information.

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