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Fix: Jabra right earbud not working 

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Encountering an issue where the right earbud of your Jabra wireless earbuds stops working can be frustrating, mainly if you heavily rely on them for various audio activities like music, podcasts, or calls.

Fortunately, there are potential solutions you can try to resolve this problem and restore your Jabra earbuds to their optimal functionality.

In this article, we’ll explore why your Jabra right earbud may not function correctly and present troubleshooting methods to address the issue. Additionally, we’ll provide helpful tips to prevent such problems from recurring, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted audio experiences with your Jabra earbuds.

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Reasons for Jabra right earbud not working

There are several possible reasons why your Jabra right earbud may not be working as expected:

Low battery

The right earbud may have depleted its power and requires recharging. Two possible scenarios can lead to this issue. Firstly, if the earbuds have not been placed in the charging case for an extended period, or secondly, if the charging case itself has a low battery.

Bluetooth connection issues

The right earbud might lose connection with your Bluetooth device, smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

This usually happens when a considerable distance between the earbud and the device or other wireless signals interfere with the Bluetooth connection.

Software glitches

The right earbud might be experiencing software errors that hinder its proper functioning. These issues can arise after updating your device’s software or encountering compatibility problems with the Jabra app or firmware.

Hardware damage

Physical impact, water exposure, dust, or dirt may have caused damage to the right earbud. Dropping the earbuds, spilling liquid on them, or exposing them to extreme temperatures or humidity can lead to hardware issues.

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How to fix your Jabra right earbud not working issue?

Depending on the underlying cause, you can try various methods to fix your Jabra right earbud:

Charge your earbuds and charging case

To address the problem, begin by charging your earbuds and charging case. Connect the charging case to a power source using the supplied USB cable, ensuring the right earbud and the case have ample power.

Insert both earbuds into the case, close the lid, and observe the presence of a green LED light, signalling that they are charging. Wait at least 15 minutes before taking them out to assess if the issue has been resolved.

Reset your Bluetooth connection

Photo: Ymgerman /
Photo: Ymgerman /

Try to re-establish the Bluetooth connection between your Jabra earbud and your device. Turn off Bluetooth on your device, then turn it back on.

Next, go to the Bluetooth settings and forget or delete the Jabra earbuds from the paired devices list. Take both earbuds out of the charging case and press and hold the button on each earbud for about 3 seconds until you hear “pairing mode”. Then re-pair them with your device.

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Reset your Jabra earbuds

First, remove the right earbuds from the charging case to reset your Jabra earbuds. Then, press and hold the Multi-Function button for about 10 seconds or until you see the LED flashing in purple. This indicates that the earbuds have been successfully reset. Remember that resetting the earbuds will clear the list of previously paired devices and reset all settings to their default values.

As a result, you will need to re-pair the earbuds with your smartphone to check if they are now working as intended.

Update Jabra firmware

Ensure that your Jabra right earbud and your device’s software are current. Download and install the Jabra Sound+ app from the respective app store on your smartphone or tablet.

After connecting the Jabra earbuds, head to the Headset firmware option and download the update.

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Clean your earbuds

Gently clean your Jabra right earbud to remove any dirt or debris that may obstruct sound or affect performance. Use a soft cloth or cotton swab lightly dampened with rubbing alcohol or water to wipe the surface of the earbud and the metal contacts inside the charging case. Let them dry completely before use.

How to prevent future issues with Jabra earbuds?

To avoid encountering similar problems in the future, follow these preventive tips:

  • Regularly charge your earbuds and charging case to prevent battery depletion. Charge them after each use or at least once a week.
  • Maintain a stable Bluetooth connection by keeping your Jabra right earbud and device within 10 meters (33 feet) of each other. Avoid obstructions and high-interference areas.
  • Stay up to date with software updates for your earbuds and device. Check for updates using the Jabra Sound+ app or the manufacturer’s website.
  • Protect your earbuds from physical damage, water exposure, dust, and dirt by storing them in the charging case when not in use. Handle them carefully, and use the appropriate ear tips for a comfortable and secure fit.

By following these troubleshooting steps and preventive measures, you should be able to resolve the issue with your Jabra right earbud not working and enjoy uninterrupted audio experiences once again.

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