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Jio international roaming: All you need to know

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If you plan to travel to an international destination anytime soon with a Jio sim, you might want to check if you can get a valid international roaming plan. An international roaming plan is a compulsory check on your to-do list as you don’t want to be charged exorbitantly for a call when you are lost in the Amazon forest, in case you find any range in the first place.

In this article, we will discuss Jio’s international roaming plans and any doubt you may have regarding them in case you plan a holiday or study abroad.

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Jio international roaming packs

Jio is India’s largest telecommunications network carrier, providing international roaming plans for anyone travelling out of India. When you venture out of India, you go beyond the area covered by Jio, and when that happens, you are on roaming.

Prepaid International Roaming

The rates on Jio’s plans differ from country to country for prepaid packs, which provide voice calling, internet, and SMS services. According to usage, you can either use PayGo rates of ₹2 for every call, 2MB, and ₹2/SMS or you can opt for the following packs:

  • International Roaming Value Packs for 28 days of ₹1101 (in 111 countries) and ₹1102 (in 170 countries)
  • International Roaming Unlimited Packs – 3 validity options, of ₹5751 for 30 days, ₹2875 for seven days, and ₹575 for one day (in 22 countries)

Postpaid International Roaming

Their postpaid plans come in three formats:

  • Postpaid Non-Recurring Packs: If you went to UAE for a week and bought an International Roaming pack of 28 days, you can have the rest of the pack reimbursed or take a GST credit with these packs. The charges will be added to your monthly postpaid bill.
  • Pay As You Go Rates: You can activate International Roaming on the MyJio app instead of getting any pack in particular. You can update your credit limit, and standard PayGo rates (starting at ₹2/min) will be applicable with every use.
  • Prepaid Packs on Postpaid: If you have a postpaid sim, then you can pre-pay for your international plan with one click Pre-on-Post recharge.

Jio International Roaming Plans

IR Pack (in Rupees)ValidityVoiceDataISD SMS
₹1101 (₹933)28 daysAccording to standard PayGo rates of the visiting countryAccording to standard PayGo rates of the visiting country5 International SMS free
₹1102 (₹933)28 daysAccording to standard PayGo rates of the visiting countryAccording to standard PayGo rates of the visiting country5 International SMS free
₹5751 day100 mins250 MB high-speed data, then unlimited at 64 kbps100
₹28757 days100 mins/day250 MB/day high-speed data then unlimited at 64 kbps100 SMS/day
₹575130 days1500 mins5 GB high-speed data, then unlimited at 64 kbps1500 SMS
₹50128 days₹424.58 ISD Talktime5

Do you need international roaming?

Jio covers you when you are in India regardless of your postpaid or pre-paid sim; however, when you venture outside of India, you head into zones that Jio does not cover. Not to worry, Jio offers value packs with or without WiFi calling in more than 100 countries. This means that you can work or call from anywhere without the hassle of not being able to reach your loved ones. If you travelling to a country, chances are that Jio has service agreements with a domestic carrier in that country, providing you with unlimited calls and data usage. However, their unlimited packs are only available in 22 countries.

How to activate international roaming in Jio?

It is fairly easy to activate international roaming on your device. You can do so by using the MyJio app or by logging into the Jio website after feeding your number. You should be connected to the Jio network if you are activating your chosen International Roaming pack for the first time.

Head to settings -> Tap on international roaming -> Tap on activate. You will get an SMS confirmation.

After you have reached your destination, make sure that your data roaming is switched on: Settings -> Network & internet -> Mobile network -> Tap on your Jio sim and switch on data roaming. You can also switch on WiFI calling on your device to enjoy WiFi benefits.

How to check if international roaming is activated in Jio?

As soon as you activate international roaming on your MyJio app or on the Jio website, you will receive an SMS notification confirming the same.

Can Jio receive SMS without international roaming?

No, you will not be able to receive any messages or calls if you have not bought an International pack. Under any International Roaming pack, all incoming messages are free. Outgoing messages for International Roaming of 1101/1102/1201/1202 packs offer 5 international SMS free.

The benefit is that if you have purchased an international roaming pack at least once, then you can call, SMS, or use data on PayGo rates even when you have not opted for an international plan.

How can I check my Jio international roaming balance?

Jio allows you to track your data use by clicking the ‘Usage’ tab in the MyJio app. Here, you can view the amount of data used in calls, SMS, and data usage details. Every exchange will be listed as ‘Roam’. Recent usage might take some time to register.

How can I recharge my Jio international roaming?

If you are a prepaid customer, you can recharge with Jio’s International Roaming value packs of Rs. 1101/Rs. 1102/Rs. 1201/Rs. 1202 or Unlimited IR pack. If you do not recharge, you will be charged PayGo rates (starting at ₹2/min) according to your monetary balance (in prepaid) and sufficient credit limit (in postpaid) in your account.

How to cancel international roaming in Jio?

You can deactivate your International roaming plan via a similar route during activation.

Head to settings -> Tap on international roaming -> Tap on deactivate at the bottom of your screen.

Your deactivation request will be under process.

Can I get OTP in international roaming?

Yes, you can get an OTP or receive any type of message, as all incoming messages under International Roaming are free.

Does Jio eSim support international roaming?

Yes, Jio’s eSim works in International Roaming. You have to activate an International Roaming pack suitable for your needs.

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