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What is Kali Undercover and how to install it on Linux?

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Kali Linux is a penetration tester’s sweetest dream. The OS is loaded with various tools and utilities to perform several tests on just about anything, from WiFi network testing to capturing outgoing internet traffic.

Being anonymous and not getting detected is one of the most important things you should consider when performing penetration. However, when you’re out and about in public, getting a few peeks onto your screen is inevitable. With Kali’s interface being pretty sketchy, it isn’t exactly good to have strangers peeking your screens.

In this article, we’re talking about Kali Undercover, why you should use it and how to install it on other Linux Distros?

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What is Kali Undercover?

Kali Undercover is a set of scripts that can change the appearance of the default Kali XFCE desktop to resemble a more familiar Windows-like interface.

You can convert your entire Kali desktop to one that looks surprisingly like the default Windows 10 one with just one command. Even the icons, including the file explorer and the internet browser, are changed to resemble Windows.

Kali undercover is installed by default on Kali, and all you need to do to run the script is open a terminal and type the following command.

This is how the Kali desktop looks once Kali Undercover has finished running.

After you hit enter, wait for a few seconds while the script changes your desktop completely. Then, to go back to the Kali XFCE desktop, use the same command again, and you’ll be good to go. 

Installing Kali undercover on other Linux distros

As mentioned above, Kali Undercover comes installed by default on Kali. However, you can install it on other Linux distros as well. 

Installing Kali undercover on Debian/Ubuntu

If you’re using a Debian based OS, installing Kali Undercover is as simple as download the deb file from the Official Kali repository and installing it on your machine. 

Head over to this link to download the latest .deb file for the installer. Once done, use the command below to install the package. 

sudo dpkg -i kali-undercover_x.x.x_all.deb

Installing Kali Undercover on other Linux distros

On other Linux distros, you can use the Kali Undercover Gitlab repository.

Step 1: Use the following command to clone the Kali Undercover git repository.

git clone

Step 2: Navigate to the folder using the CD command. 

cd kali-undercover

Step 3: Copy the files over to the /usr/ directory. 

sudo cp -r share /usr

Step 4: Copy the kali-undercover bin file over to /usr/bin folder

sudo cp /bin/kali-undercover /usr/bin

Now you can run the script using the aforementioned command. 

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