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Liftmaster error code 4-6: Quick Fix

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Liftmaster is a renowned brand of professionally installed residential garage door openers. It is also a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial gate operators, telephone entry systems and products related to access control.

Liftmaster provides the latest technology and innovation in its products; the Liftmaster door opener has a self-diagnostic capability which detects errors and problems in the door opener.

This article discusses the causes of the Liftmaster error code 4-6 and three fixes that will help you fix the error.

How to know that it’s error code 4-6 on different door openers?

Below we have mentioned the door opener models of Liftmaster and how they show error code 4-6; check your model and verify the error code.

  • A security+ 2.0 garage door opener with an LCD display will show the “error code 4-6 sensors momentarily obstructed” in the LCD.
  • A security+ 2.0 garage door opener without an LCD will flash the Up arrow four times and the Down arrow six times.
  • The learn button will flash four times every ten seconds on the other garage door openers.

What causes the Liftmaster error code 4-6?

If your garage door opener is not closing from the remote and the opener lights are flashing, then here are two possible causes:

  • Safety reversing sensors are obstructed.
  • Safety reversing sensors are out of alignment.

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How to fix error code 4-6?

Here are three fixes to help you fix the Liftmaster error code 4-6:

Remove the obstruction

If your safety reversing sensors are not working, that means the sensors are facing any obstruction or out of alignment. So check for objects that you think might be causing the obstruction. If the error is still there, then try aligning the sensor.

Align the safety reversing sensor

Follow the steps below to align the safety reversing sensors:

  • Find both the safety reversing sensors mounted to the rails on both sides of the door.
  • Loosen the sensor and then align it to a height where both screens face each other and tighten them.
  • Now the sensor’s light must be glowing steadily, and the door opener will normally work.

Change mounting brackets

Changing mounting brackets have solved the problem for many users but changing them might become a reason for sensor alignment errors, so you need to be very careful while changing the mounting brackets or seek the help of a professional.

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