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How to link your iPhone or Android to Windows 10

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Linking your iPhone or Android device is now possible with the new Windows 10 update. Linking your smartphone will allow you to sync the devices and continue tasks/application where you left off on your phone via your PC.

In other words, you can be using any app or be surfing the web or writing an email, you can continue the task in your pc instantly as both your PC and the connected device will be synced.

How to link your iPhone or Android to Windows 10

Go to the Settings menu of your PC via the start-up menu on the left or the notifications bar on the right.

On the main screen of the Settings menu, click on the Phone link along with a smartphone icon and with the sub-heading Link your Android, iPhone.

On the next menu click on the option to Add a phone. Following that a new window will pop-up with the heading Link your Android or iPhone to this PC.

On the bottom of this pop-up page, you’ll find a box with country code, followed by a blank space where you’ll need to enter the phone number of the SIM inserted in the device you want to be linked to the PC.

Soon after submitting your phone number, Microsoft will then send a one-time SMS to your device containing a link to an app. Click on the link to install the app and then sign in to link your phone and PC.

Once you’re done linking, enjoy a seamless cross-device experience on your Windows PC and Android or iPhone device.

If ever you feel either of your devices is slowing down, or you’re changing devices or are simply concerned about the security of your device due to this sync, unlinking the PC and Android or iPhone is quite easy.

Just go back to Settings –> Phone. At the bottom of the new window, you’ll find Unlink this PC under Linked Phones sub-heading. Click on that link and the deed is done.

You can also manage the linked devices to your Microsoft account via the first link below Linked Phones sub-heading.

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