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How to lock the keyboard on a Mac?

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Your Mac holds much of your stuff, like important work files and precious family pictures. To ensure your stuff stays safe and private, learning how to lock your keyboard when you’re not using your computer is important. Locking the keyboard stops anyone from getting into your stuff without permission.

In this article, we have discussed why locking your keyboard is important and how to lock the keyboard on a Mac.

Why Locking Your Mac’s Keyboard is Important?

Locking your Mac’s keyboard is a simple yet effective security measure that can save you from potential data breaches or embarrassing situations. Here are a few reasons why you should consider locking your keyboard.

  • Privacy Protection: Locking your keyboard prevents anyone from accessing your computer while you’re away, safeguarding your personal and confidential information.
  • Security in Shared Spaces: If you work in a shared office or study in a library, locking your keyboard ensures that no one can mess with your work or make unauthorised changes to your settings.
  • Data Integrity: Locking your keyboard prevents accidental keystrokes that can alter or delete your important documents, ensuring the integrity of your data.

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Locking keyboard on Mac

There is no direct way to lock your keyboard on Mac, but there are a few workarounds.

Use third-party software

You’ll want to obtain a dedicated application to lock the keyboard on macOS since Apple doesn’t provide any app or shortcut to lock the keyboard. There are various third-party apps like KeyboardCleanTool that you can use for this task.

Lock the screen instead

If you don’t wanna download any third-party app, you can lock the screen, which will protect your data, and also you can clean your keyboard while the screen is locked. To lock the screen, press Control + Command + Q keys. This will lock your Mac’s keyboard and require your password or Touch ID to unlock it.

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