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How to fix the Logitech download assistant startup error?

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A lot of Logitech’s peripherals use their software to remember key assignments, lightning synchronisations and keep the device firmware up to date. However, the extra loading time at boot makes it a bit of a headache for people with slow computers.

In this article, we’re looking at why this happens and what you can do to fix the Logitech download assistant startup error.

Why does the Logitech download assistant startup error happen?

As mentioned above, the Logitech software is responsible for keeping device firmware up to date and keeping the Logitech G-HUB or Logitech Gaming software updated. This requires additional time for the download assistant to load at boot and download any updates required, increasing boot times. 

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How to fix the Logitech download assistant error?

Here are a two ways you can fix the Logitech download assistant startup error.

Before we get started, keep in mind that not allowing LDA to start at boot will restrict Logitech G-HUB or Logitech Gaming Software’s ability to keep your hardware drivers up to date and sync your profiles and settings between devices. 

Using the Task Manager

You can use the Startup tab in Task Manager to control what programs launch at boot.

Step 1: Start the Task Manager and head to the Startup tab.

Step 2: Select the Logitech Download Assistant and click the Disable button in the bottom right. 

The next time you start your computer, LDA won’t start up, saving you boot time. 

By deleting the LDA system file

Another way you can prevent the assistant from starting is by deleting its main DLL file. All you have to do is navigate to C://Windows/System32. Scroll down to find the LogiLDA.dll file and delete it from the directory.

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