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Logitech G-Hub vs Logitech Gaming Software (LGS)

Most gaming peripherals from leading companies come with their software for customising things like the lighting and button mapping on said devices. While the hardware and user experience is an essential part of a peripheral, the software experience can make or break the deal for a lot of people.

In this article, we’re going to compare Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) and their new release the G-Hub to find out which one’s the best for you.

Design and Ease of Use

If you’re a sucker for modern looking apps, the G-Hub is the clear winner here with its new full-screen UI and small knick-knacks like more UI animations, notifications letting you know when the device profile has changed and a whole lot of lighting effects and game profiles and so on.

All those extra features, however, make it a little bit complicated to get to grips with, at least initially. All the important features are tucked away under sub-menus, and sometimes it can get a little bit annoying. Overall, the whole UI is a lot more complex.

Logitech Gaming Software, on the other hand, is a lot more cleaner, simpler and easy-to-navigate tool. Sure it’s old, and it’s age shows in the way the UI looks, but everything you need is right there in front of you. Whether it is changing the DPI real quick or remapping a few buttons on your mouse, LGS gets the job done hassle-free.

So, if you’re not too much into design, LGS is a quick, easy and reliable way to get your mouse to work as it should. If you prefer a more modern look, G-Hub is the way to go. 

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Being the newer software of the two, G-hub has a lot more features than LGS. While both the software do the same thing except for a different UI, the G-Hub has a few tricks up its sleeves.

For example, you can choose from the hundreds of community-made game or lighting profiles or even upload your own. The G-Hub also supports a lot more games and has profiles for them by default as compared to LGS. 

LGS pales here by quite some margin. While it performs the same basic functions as G-Hub and some may argue that it does them better, it still lacks a lot of community features and some advanced configuration options such as setting G-Shift keys and LED profiles.

G-Hub also adds some features that weren’t available in LGS such as third party actions, automatic firmware updates, the ability to scale up the window and a drag and drop interface.

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Hardware compatibility

LGS is the clear winner here. It supports just about any hardware device Logitech has ever made and still makes.

LGS is compatible with most if not all of Logitech’s products,

It has been the default software for a lot of devices and if you’re stuck with an older peripheral, the G300s for instance, LGS is your only bet. The list is exhaustive.

Gaming Mice supported by LGS

Gaming Keyboards supported by LGS

Gaming headsets and other Accessories supported by LGS

G-Hub supports most of Logitech’s modern lineup, but that’s about it. Generally, only their most famous or latest products get added to the G-hub. It won’t even detect older peripherals as I tried on my G300s. My G402, however, is supported by the G-Hub and works just fine with either software. 

G-Hub will support all Logitech devices releasing after 2019. However, Logitech is working on adding the following peripherals to the G-Hub as well

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Which one should you pick?

Both the software have been out for quite some time now, and Logitech is continually working to improve G-Hub. However, LGS still stays a safer option. Besides G-Hub’s small list of supported peripherals also limits its userbase at the moment; however that will change over the years. 

So if your device is in fact supported and you want a more modern software to go with, G-Hub is your pick. However, in case you run into any problems, find it too complicated or device simply isn’t supported, LGS will always be at your rescue. 

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