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What is Memtest64? Everything you need to know

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While Windows has hundreds of small, lightweight utilities baked in for diagnosing different problems and testing different components, a lot of them can be difficult to use for the everyday user or someone not accustomed to using the Windows Command Prompt. 

In this article, we’re talking about Memtest64 and telling you everything you need to know before you download the tool.

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Memtest64: Is it any good?

Memtest is a free, lightweight, standalone utility that lets you check for system memory problems without using a boot disk. Whether you’re trying to diagnose problems with your system memory or overclock it and see what sticks best, Memtest64 is a great tool to use either way. It features a well-made GUI and can be run from within Windows without needing a DOS bootable drive.

Memtest64 is a great way to check your RAM for errors at a hardware level.

Some of Memtest64’s most popular features are as follows:

  • Support for all modern processors, including the entire Intel and AMD lineup.
  • No reboot or DOS mode is required for troubleshooting.
  • No installation or registry modification is required to run.
  • Doesn’t require admin privileges to run. 
  • Several different algorithms are used to test memory.
  • The user has full control over how much memory to test (which helps reduce the impact on current operations).

However, one problem with Memtest64 is that it only works for x64 operating systems, meaning ARM and x86 architecture OSs aren’t compatible with the program. For that, you will have to use Memtest86, an older, more advanced version of Memtest64 capable of testing system memory on x86 and ARM computers. 

Is Memtest64 safe?

A common issue with freeware like Memtest64 is the fact that free software often comes bundled with some adware or, worst-case scenario, malware or ransomware that can seriously impact your computer. 

Memtest64 is, however, a legitimate program and completely safe if downloaded from a legitimate source. 

You can download Memtest64 here

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