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How to merge cells in Google Sheets?

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Working with spreadsheets can be a formatting nightmare, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Thankfully, spreadsheet programs like MS Excel and Google Sheets make things surprisingly easy.

When it comes to merging cells, Sheets give you all the freedom you need, or the web version does anyway. You can select a row of cells and merge them horizontally or vertically merge a column. You can even select an entire block of cells are merge them all to make one big cell.

The phone app is a bit restricted in this regard, considering it doesn’t give you as many manual options as the web version does. Still, then it does work just fine automatically for just about any cell merging you’d want, so we don’t have any complaints as of now. 

This article talks about how you can merge cells in Google sheets on desktop and the phone app. 

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How to merge cells in Google Sheets on PC?

If you’re using Sheets on your PC, follow these steps to merge cells.

Step 1: Load up your spreadsheet and select the cells you want to merge.

Step 2: Merge the cells after selecting by heading over to the Format menu, clicking on Merge and then selecting the merge you’re going for — horizontal, vertical or all.

Note that depending on your cell selection, all three options may not be available. 

Alternatively, you can click on the Merge button in the toolbar. It’s a quick and simple way of merging cells and is often faster than by diffing through the Format menu. 

How to merge cells on the Google Sheets app?

Merging cells on the Sheets app is just as simple as on the web version. Just follow these steps. 

  • Open the Sheets app, load up your spreadsheet and select the cells you want to merge.
  • Tap the Merge button at the bottom, and your cells will automatically merge.

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