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Microsoft Teams exploratory license: Everything you need to know

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Microsoft Teams is an application commonly used for video chatting, sharing content like files and videos, and conducting meetings. Microsoft Teams has a free version, a paid version and a free trial of the paid version.

In this article, we will discuss the Microsoft Teams exploratory license and its services.

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Microsoft Teams Exploratory license

For using any application, a license is a first and most basic requirement to unlock the key features of that application. The Microsoft Exploratory licence provides the free Teams premium trial access, that is, access to the premium features of Teams without having to pay for it. This gives the organisation/user the chance to explore the features and abilities of Teams without its paid license. This is designed for the organisations that are a part of the Microsoft service called Azure AD.

Generally, the organisation administration has control of whether to enable the exploratory license experience for all the users. If the exploratory experience is enabled for all users, they are then able to self-assign Teams license in case they don’t already have one. The administrator can also make the decision of assigning a long term trial license for users who don’t have a Microsoft 365 or Office 365 or Teams license.

One visible constrain is that the Teams exploratory experience is available at no additional cost only for the organisations using the Azure Active Directory (AAD). Users using the Microsoft 365 app for business also get the exploratory experience of Teams for free. Furthermore, if you don’t have the administrative rights of any eligible organisation, then your account needs to be enabled to sign up for the trials and apps under the Microsoft 365 admin centre.


The Exploratory license is available to the organisation for free for one entire year, from the first user’s activation of the license or until the next organisation agreement anniversary.

After the end of the exploratory license, if your organisation wishes to continue with the services, it will require shifting to one of the paid licenses available under the Office 365 licenses that come with Microsoft Teams. All user data will be stored in Teams even after the license expires but will be accessible only after license renewal.

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Services in Teams Exploratory license

The services accessible by the admins using the exploratory license include many more features than just Microsoft Teams. The services are:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Office mobile apps for Office 365
  • Office online
  • PowerApps for Office or Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Forms
  • Exchange Online
  • Insights by MyAnalytics
  • Flow for Microsoft or Office 365
  • Whiteboard
  • Microsoft Search
  • Microsoft Planner
  • Microsoft StaffHub
  • Microsoft Stream
  • SharePoint Online
  • To-Do
  • Sway
  • Yammer Enterprise
  • Mobile Device Management

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How to sign up for Teams exploratory license?

If you are eligible for the exploratory license, it can be set up on the Microsoft Teams web application.

Access the Microsoft Teams web application here

Step 1: Sign in to the web application using your AAD domain email ID.

Step 2: The exploratory license will be assigned automatically.

The organisation administrator is notified via email when anyone from the organisation signs in for the first time and activates their exploratory license.

If you are the admin, your license can directly be finalised by clicking on Finish setting up Microsoft Teams Exploratory on the Microsoft 365 admin centre home page. If the message is not visible on the homepage, or you wish to assign users directly, then,

Step 1: Go to the Billing section.

Step 2: Select the Products and Services option and search for the Microsoft Teams Exploratory Trial.

Step 3: Under the License section, click on the Assign users option.

Step 4: Add users of the organisation who require the exploratory license.

Not able to sign in for Teams exploratory license

There may be multiple reasons why you may not be given access to the exploratory license.

  • The organisation is not eligible for the Teams Exploratory license.
  • The organisation doesn’t use AAD.
  • The administration of the organisation has not given you the access to the exploratory license.
  • You have a pre-existing license that includes Microsoft Teams.
  • The administration has disabled users from running the Exploratory experience.
  • The trial period of the first user of the organisation is over, due to which all the licenses have reached their limit.

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