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Microsoft Teams not loading: Quick Fix

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Microsoft Teams is a popular meeting, chatting and video calling platform. Due to its huge size and requirements, that is, 4 GB RAM and 3 GB hard disk space, the software might crash and give issues such as “Microsoft Teams not loading” amongst many others.

In this article, we are going to see 9 quick fixes for the Teams not loading error.

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Quit Teams and restart

The first and most traditional fix for any technical issue is to quit and restart the application and/or device.

Step 1: Right-click on the Microsoft Teams application and click on Quit.

Microsoft Teams not loading: 9 Fixes | Candid.Technology

Step 2 (Optional): This step is optional, but recommended. Restart your Laptop or PC.

Step 3: Restart the Microsoft Teams application.

Log in again, if prompted.

Check for Downtime

Many times, there may not be an issue from your side, but the server’s side itself. The entire application server may be down. The server-based issues can be checked using Downdetector, a web application that checks and tracks server issues of famous and common applications.

You can visit Downdetector here

Step 1: Click on the red button I have a problem with Microsoft Teams.

Since there are no errors currently, it shows that User reports indicate no current problems at Microsoft Teams. This means that the Teams application is not down.

If there is an issue you are facing and wish to report it,

Step 2: Click on the issue.

A prompt opens, saying Report successfully submitted. Click on Close. The issue has been registered. The live map on the website also shows the different areas where there are issues occurring with the Teams application.

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Try changing the network connection

Slow or insufficient Wi-Fi connection can cause loading errors in Microsoft Teams. Try shifting closer to the modem or dongle or the network provider and try to re-login or relaunch the application. If the Teams application is still not loading, try switching to a different, faster network connection, and relaunch the application.

Microsoft Teams web application

If there is a problem specifically with the desktop app, then it may not occur on the web application of Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Web application can be accessed here

Login to the web application and access the features. If the web application is not showing any errors, then the desktop application has some issues.

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Troubleshooting the Teams application

If the web application is working, but the desktop application isn’t, then try to Troubleshoot the application.

Step 1: Open the System Settings.

Step 2: Search for Troubleshoot apps in the search bar and click on the Windows Store option.

Step 3: Click on Advanced and tick mark the box Apply repairs automatically.

Step 4: Click on Next.

Log out and log in

If there is a glitch that has occurred, signing out of the application and then logging in can help, sometimes clearing off the issue.

Step 1: Click on the Display picture on the top bar panel.

Step 2: Select the Sign out option.

Sign in again with the desired account again.

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Updates and clearing cache

If the System or the Teams application is not up-to-date, it can cause errors. Always ensure that your system is using the latest updates and also check for updates in the Teams application.

Cache is basically temporary memory that helps the application function faster in a few aspects. But in case of glitches and errors, clearing cache is one of the fixes that help the smoother running of the device.

Uninstall and Reinstall the application

Another quick fix if the application is not working is to uninstall it completely and then reinstall it.

Step 1: Go to Settings.

Step 2: Under Apps & features, search for Microsoft Teams and Uninstall the application.

Once uninstalled, the desktop application can be redownloaded.

Microsoft Teams can be downloaded here

Download the desktop application after verifying the hardware requirements for your device and follow the setup instructions.

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