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How to make a sponge in Minecraft?

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In Minecraft, there’s a great impetus on crafting items you might need to survive or build your shelter from the raw items that you mine. Some items are crafted using the crafting table, while others are made using the furnace.

In this article, we’re taking a look at how to make sponges in Minecraft.

What are sponges in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, sponges are blocks that can quickly absorb water around them. They’re rather useful to plug holes if you’re mining deep and accidentally run into a water body that might flood up your mine. 

To make a sponge, you first have to find a wet sponge that you burn in a furnace to remove the water. Wet sponges can be found using the following two ways.

  • Can be harvested from the ceiling of a specific room inside the Ocean Monument.
  • Can be gained by killing Elder Guardians (the sponge can be either wet or dry)

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How to craft a Sponge in Minecraft?

Once you’ve obtained a wet sponge, follow these steps to make a sponge.

Step 1: Head over to your furnace and right-click it to open.

How to make a sponge in Minecraft?

Step 2: Place the wet sponge in the top spot, a fuel source such as coal in the bottom spot and wait for the wet sponge to finish drying.

Now, wait for the sponge to dry out, and you’ll be good to go. Keep in mind sponges can only absorb water blocks that they’re touching. This is why placing the sponge in the middle of a water body is the most efficient way of making sure it absorbs as much water as it can.

The sponge has absorbed all the water in the hole in the screenshot above.

Once a sponge has absorbed as much water as it can, you can place it back in a furnace and dry it out to reuse the sponge. 

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