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Top 7 mountainous Minecraft seeds

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Minecraft is one of the most popular action-adventure sandbox games that has seen a consistent rise in popularity since its 2012 launch. The game generates completely random worlds and this aspect alone contributes massively to its popularity. When you consider the fact that these worlds can be shared by just sharing the seed number, things become more interesting.

In this article, we’re talking about the top seven mountainous seeds you can play in Minecraft, both the Bedrock and Java edition. 

Badlands Mountains

Seed Code: -632509719 | Biomes: Badlands and Wooded Badlands

Badlands Mountains is a seed where you spawn in the middle of a mountainous region in the Badlands biomes. There are plenty of hills to build a high-up castle in the mountains and mining shafts to help you get the iron and diamond that you need for armour and weapons. The tallest of these mountains is 209 blocks tall, so there’s a lot to explore and valleys to conquer. 

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Realistic Mountains

Seed Code: -860899055 | Biomes: Forest and Grove

If you’re looking for a mountain range that’s high but somewhat resembles the real world (we don’t have blocky, pixelated real-world mountains after all), this seed is the perfect choice. The spawn point is at the base of a mountain where you’ll find plenty of trees, mountains and grass for your farms and mining needs. As you go up the mountains, you’ll also come across a bunch of waterfalls and several caves that can be turned into a productive mining operations. 

Spooky Mountain Island

Seed Code: 1692695593 | Biomes: Snowy Slopes and Plains

If you want a mountainous island with a twist, you must check out this seed. You get a tall mountain broken up into multiple pieces which makes it a bit hard to discover, but once you arrive at the island you’ll find that it’s the perfect place to set up a spooky mountain castle. There are plenty of trees at the mountain base for basic buildings and equipment and you can fish around in the water for food and other loot. You will have to travel a bit to get to the island, but it’s well worth the effort. 

Sea Cliff Mountain

Seed Code: -6537256334104833826 | Biomes: Savanna

Another mountainous island seed, this one gives you a rather high sea-facing cliff on a small island that’s practically a tower. It’s a bit of an effort to find materials but there are several cave openings nearby to get your mining operations up and running without much trouble. Do keep in mind though that you’ll have to create a boat to go just about anywhere though. 

Crater Valley

Seed Code: -2055721043 | Biomes: Savanna and Forest

If you’re looking for an enclosed space surrounded by mountains on all sides with plenty of trees and interesting geographical features, this seed is the perfect choice for you. The location is a great spot to build a base with plenty of resources and caves nearby for your mining operations. There’s even a waterfall for the view. 

Jungle Mountain

Seed Code: 8366657511364410301 | Biomes: Forest

Instead of a snowy or rocky mountain, this one’s covered with trees all around. This is a great mountain if you’re willing to clear out some of the trees at the peak and build a base for yourself. There are some mining shafts and a jungle temple nearby as well so early looting and exploration are also relatively easy. 

Cloudy Mountain

Seed Code: -562276960078925245| Biomes: Snowy Slopes

Last but not least, if you to be touching the clouds with just your base, this is your perfect pick. The seed features a single mountain reach as high as the clouds near its peak. Sure it’ll be a bit of work to build there as you’ll need to keep coming down to get your resources and raw material, but at least the view is great. 

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