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What is MSI Super Charger? Pros and Cons

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MSI not only makes excellent GPUs, motherboards, laptops and other gaming equipment, but they also produce some convenient tools that can help out with a variety of things. MSI Afterburner to overclock GPUs, Dragon Center to manage devices, Silent Option to manage fans, and Super Charger to charge supported mobile devices.

This article talks about MSI Super Charger, how it works, and its pros and cons.

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What is MSI Super Charger?

Several devices, especially iOS ones, require a specific voltage or amperage to charge at optimal speeds. Most PC/laptop USB ports only provide 5v 0.5A, which is enough to transfer data and charge devices, but only at a prolonged rate.

Fast charging power adaptors can detect a battery’s charge level and increase or decrease the voltage or amperage supplied to the device to keep the battery charging as fast as safely possible. This is were Super Charger comes in handy. It detects connected USB devices and increases the output amperage on your machine’s USB ports to match the connected device.

Simply put, Super Charger is a utility that optimises USB amperage so that your devices can charge at optimal speeds.

The tool can increase the current on each of your PC’s USB ports from 0.5A to 1.5A, which in turn increases the charging speed of any compatible devices. Super Charger can also inform you about your machine’s motherboard and keep an eye on your system’s power consumption as well.


  • Enables fast charging on PC.
  • Can auto-detect connected USB devices and regulate current accordingly.
  • Can help charge USB devices quickly


  • Doesn’t receive frequent updates.
  • Can have compatibility issues with certain hardware components.
You can download MSI Super Charger here

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