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Nespresso machine not working: Quick Fix

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Nespresso coffee machines churn out coffee as easily as you finish homework when the deadline is near. It is a high-pressure machine that compresses coffee beans to make fresh coffee or expresso available in various flavours. If your coffee machine stops working, your entire day might feel incomplete and a mist of crankiness may settle around you.

In this article, we will discuss a couple of reasons why your Nespresso machine is not functioning optimally and how you can fix the issue after isolating the error.

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Nespresso errors: Reasons and their fixes

There might be multiple reasons for a coffee machine to stop working, like when someone pours milk instead of water into the water filter. In case, you are able to correctly identify the reason why your Nespresso machine is not working, you can follow the given fixes to solve this problem:

Reason 1: No coffee flow

If coffee is not coming out of your Nespresso machine, it might be because of a clog in your grid plate or filter. Nespresso offers a variety of flavoursome capsules in cocoa, fruity, cereal, and biscuit flavours to name a few. The grid plate is a metallic circle with small spiky holes that break into the capsule’s foil when you press a button on your Nespresso machine. The plate collects coffee grinds through its tiny holes to make your brew.

Some of the fixes that you can follow to resume the coffee-making process:

  • Clean the grid plate: A coffee machine needs to be cleaned regularly for your coffee to taste good and remain fresh. You should clean those parts of your coffee machine that are in regular contact with the coffee beans or grinds. Coffee leaves behind residue and oils over time and if the filters or plates are not cleaned periodically, then your coffee will taste bitter and smell acidic. This also leads to the growth of bacteria in the residue.
  • Check water level: Nespresso machines are not equipped with low water sensors. Since coffee consists of mostly water, you need to make sure that the water filter in your Nespresso machine is filled with the correct amount of water.
  • Capsule inserted properly: Check to see if your flavoured capsule is inserted in the correct position. Properly close your coffee machine and then try to restart the brew-making process.
  • Stuck grinds: Reusing capsules might lead to the capsule tearing and blocking the spout. When this happens, you can put a thin sharp wire to loosen any stuck coffee grounds. You can also run the machine solely with water after removing the capsule. This will clear out any blockages in the coffee spout.
  • Air bubbles: If you forget to pour water into the water reservoir and try to brew coffee, only air will be sucked into the tube. This will lead to the presence of air bubbles even when water is added. Firstly, place the water filter in the correct position. Then you can press the expresso or brew button a couple of times and after some noises, you might get your coffee. Although, a better way would be to run the machine without the capsule. This will get rid of any remaining air bubbles.

Reason 2: Coffee isn’t hot

If your coffee is not as hot as you like it then this might be due to piling up of minerals and sediments from the water in your Nespresso machine. If this is not fixed on time, it can damage your coffee machine entirely. You should also observe if this is only happening with the first batch of coffee. If this happening, then your steam boiler is taking time to warm up the water.

You can fix this by following the steps given below. If your coffee machine is still brewing cold or mildly hot coffee after following the fixes, then your coffee machine’s thermoblock or thermostat might be damaged.

  • Descaling: Water consists of hard elements like calcium and magnesium. These elements can accumulate in your coffee machine’s heating element. As the heating element is not visible to you, if not descaled every three months, there can be a sediment build-up. A coffee machine relies on hot water to bring out the flavour in coffee, without hot water you won’t be able to enjoy a cup of coffee. Nespresso also offers its own descaling solution.
  • Preheated cup: You can preheat your cup by keeping warm water in it for a few minutes. Usually, in cold weather, a cup’s surface can get very cold and might cool the coffee to a mild temperature.

Reason 3: Water leakage

If there is water leaking from your coffee machine, you can take out the water filter and place it back carefully, locking it in place. However, if that does not solve your problem then there might be water leakage due the following issues:

  • Capsule position: Make sure that the capsule is correctly placed inside the coffee machine.
  • Grid plate build-up: When a grid plate fills up with old coffee residue and oils, it becomes a hindrance for water to pass. Due to this water is not able to reach the flavoured capsule. Cleaning this grid plate will clear up any blockage.
  • Descaling: It never hurts to thoroughly clean your coffee machine regularly. If there are any mineral build-ups that may have caused a blockage, descaling will clear it all up.

Reason 4: Intact capsule

If the capsule does not get pierced in the first place then you cannot obtain coffee. You can try adjusting the position of the capsule in the coffee machine and cleaning the grid plate solutions. If the error continues to persist, replacing the given points might help:

  • Company capsules: You can only use capsules that are made by Nespresso otherwise they might be rejected. Their coffee makers have started coming with a compatibility system. Nespresso also has two types of coffee makers: Original and Vertuo coffee machines. Each machine has its own flavours of capsules. You have to be careful to avoid mismatching their capsules.
  • Needle punch: Nespresso’s Vertuo machines come with a punch needle to inject hot water into the capsule. Since this is very small, it can only be replaced by the company.

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