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Netflix will now let you kick users off your account

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If you’re looking to get rid of unwanted devices on your Netflix account without having to change your password, Netflix has heard you. Starting November 15, Netflix is launching a “Manage Access and Devices” feature that allows account owners to remotely log out of unwanted devices piggybacking off of their Netflix accounts. 

Netflix is rolling out the feature worldwide to all members on the web as well as iOS and Android devices. Going forward, users will also be notified by email every time a new device logs in with their account. This can be really helpful especially for users with basic or ad-supported plans as they only allow one device to access the platform at a time. 

This is how the access management UI looks. | Source: Netflix

Once a user signs out of a particular device, Netflix will suggest a password change for additional security, but this isn’t required. To remove a device, users can head over to their Account Settings where they’ll see the Manage Access and Devices option. This will show the most recent devices logged in with the user’s account as well as the IP address and device type in addition to the time and date when the device last accessed the account. 

While the feature announcement tries to mask the new addition as a way of keeping your Netflix account safe when you’re on the move this holiday season and log into hotels or friends’ houses, the feature clearly comes in the wake of Netflix attempting to get as many freeloaders off their platform as possible. The platform has recently announced features like a $6.99-ad supported plan, Profile Transfer to help people get into their own Netflix accounts from a shared one and charging extra for sharing passwords

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