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Netflix not working on Samsung TV: Quick Fix 

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Are you experiencing difficulties in streaming Netflix on your Samsung TV? You are not alone. Many Samsung users have reported this problem on various forums. Fortunately, this problem is fixable and generally, the fixes are completed within a few minutes.

We have compiled a troubleshooting guide to help you get back to your favourite Netflix shows in no time.

Netflix not working on Samsung TV: Possible causes

Before heading to the possible fixes, let us first understand the causes of Netflix not working on Samsung TV. Here are some of the possible causes:

  • Poor internet connectivity: Slow or poor internet connectivity can cause buffering or error messages while streaming Netflix.
  • Outdated Netflix app: If you haven’t updated the Netflix app in a while, it can lead to connectivity issues.
  • TV firmware issues: Outdated firmware on Samsung TV can cause issues with Netflix and other apps.
  • Netflix server issues: If the Netflix servers are at a maximum capacity or there is a server outage, then it might result in Netflix not working properly.

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Netflix not working on Samsung TV: Possible fixes

Now, let us proceed with troubleshooting the Netflix not working on Samsung TV:

Check Netflix servers

You should first start by checking whether the Netflix servers are working optimally. Visit the Netflix server status page or check with any other third-party website like Downdetector.

You can also check the social media handles of Netflix for more information regarding the server outage, if any.

If the servers are down, then there is nothing you can do except wait it out.

Check your internet connection

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Sometimes, there are problems with your internet connection which requires a thorough diagnosis. We have given a few instructions so that you can check and fix the internet connection:

  • First, make sure that there isn’t any internet outage in your area. You can ask your Internet Service Provider for the information or you can visit their website.
  • If there is no outage, then it is time to check the hardware to make sure that they are not damaged. Check all the hardware associated with the internet connection. That includes your router, modem, power cable, and the main power source, among others. Ensure that all the hardware is undamaged and working properly. If you notice any damage, change it asap.
  • If the hardware is fine, then it is time to check the connections. Make sure that the cables are secured firmly in the proper ports.
  • Sometimes, there is too much distance between the WiFi and the receiving device. Make sure that the distance is less. Or, you can directly connect the internet to your computer as it provides a more stable speed compared to WiFi.
  • Also, remove any other electronic appliances that might interfere with the WiFi signals. While you are at it, place the WiFi on a raised platform so that the devices catch signals seamlessly.
  • If there are many devices connected to your network, remove them before playing games on the internet as the devices share the limited bandwidth of the plan. You can also think of upgrading your existing internet plan.

If all your hardware is working fine and there is no outage, even then you see a ‘crafting order creation failed’ error, then you should check out the following steps.

Sign out of Netflix

This is also one of the easiest methods to fix the issue and many users swear by this. Go to the home screen of your Samsung Smart TV and open Netflix. Then head to your Netflix profile and select Sign Out.

After you have signed out, sign back with your account information and check whether the issue has been resolved or not.

Power cycle your Samsung TV

Sometimes a simple restart of your TV can fix any software glitches that may be affecting your Netflix streaming. Just turn off your Samsung TV, unplug it from the power outlet, and leave it for a few minutes. Then, plug it back in and turn it on.

Update the Netflix app on your Samsung TV

An outdated Netflix application may cause connectivity issues leading to Netflix not working on Samsung TVs. Ensure that your Netflix app is updated. To do so, head to the Play Store of your Samsung TV and check for updates on the Netflix app. If the updates are available, install them and then try to stream again.

Clear Netflix cache and data

A corrupt cache can cause issues with the app and affect its functionality. Clearing the cache can help fix Netflix not working on Samsung TV issue. To do so, head to Settings > Apps > Netflix > Storage > Clear Cache/Clear Data.

Update the Samsung TV firmware

Similarly, outdated firmware can cause various issues with the Samsung TV. To ensure that the Samsung TV is working properly, you should regularly update the firmware. Here’s how to do that:

Step 1: Using your Samsung TV remote, select Settings

Step 2: Now, go to Support > Software Update.

Step 3: After that, select the Update Now option.

This may take several minutes depending on the speed of the internet and the size of the update. Do not turn off the TV while the update is processing. For more information and ways to update Samsung firmware, head to this Samsung page.

Reinstall the Netflix app

Removing and then reinstalling the Netflix app is another potential troubleshooting tip. To reinstall the Netflix app on your Samsung TV, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Open the App Store on your Samsung TV and then select the Settings icon at the top right of the screen.

Step 2: Select Netfllix and then click on Reinstall.

Turn off Samsung Instant

Samsung Instant feature might be affecting the working of apps like Netflix. You should turn off the feature and try to open Netflix again. Open the General Settings of your Samsung TV and then turn off the Instant On toggle.

Reset the Smart Hub

Here is how to reset the Smart Hub on Samsung TV:

Step 1: Head to the Settings of your Samsung TV and select Support.

Step 2: Select the Device Care option.

Step 3: Now, select Self Diagnosis.

Step 4: Finally, select the Reset Smart Hub option.

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Frequently answered questions (FAQs)

Let us head to a few frequently answered questions related to this topic so that all your questions are answered.

Why is Netflix not working on my Samsung TV?

There could be several reasons why Netflix isn’t working on Samsung TV. Some of the most common causes include poor internet connectivity, outdated Netflix app, outdated Samsung TV firmware, and issues with the Smart Hub, among others.

How do I fix Netflix not working on Samsung TV?

You can try several troubleshooting tips such as fixing your internet connection, updating the Netflix app and the Samsung TV firmware, clearing the Netflix cache and data, and checking Netflix servers.

How do I reset Netflix on my Samsung TV?

To reset Netflix on your Samsung TV, go to Settings > Apps > Netflix > Storage > Clear Cache/Clear Storage.

Why is Netflix not showing up on my Samsung TV?

If Netflix is not showing up on your Samsung TV, it could be because of outdated firmware. Update the Samsung TV firmware to fix the issue.

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