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Netflix is testing a pay to share model in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru

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Netflix users in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru are getting two new features that the platform will launch and test over the next few weeks. These features include adding extra members and the ability to transfer profiles over to a new account. 

The add an extra member feature will allow members on Standard and Premium plans to add sub-accounts for up to two people they don’t live with, each with their profiles, settings, personalised recommendations and, of course, login credentials. The catch? This will happen at a “lower cost”, specifically, 2,380 CLP in Chile, 2.99 USD in Costa Rica, and 7.9 PEN in Peru.

The second feature is a tad more inclusive, covering subscribers from the Basic, Standard and Premium plans allowing people who share their account to transfer profile information either to a new account or to a sub-account. This carries over the viewing history and your personalised recommendations just the way it was. 

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Getting rid of freeloaders

Over the next few weeks, Netflix will be notifying members who are sharing their accounts with people outside their household about the new options. Members may even be prompted to verify their account if an unrecognised or out of house device logs in with their credentials. The platform will also use multi-factor authentication in the process as well. 

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Both these features aim to get rid of the whole Netflix password sharing phenomenon. Netflix’s terms of service state that account passwords must not be shared with individuals outside households. However, its safe to say that this isn’t adhered to very well in the real world. 

These new features are tests to try and get freeloaders off the service. Paying more to share your account with someone else will undoubtedly cut some of their losses, while the ability to transfer profiles is helpful for those who actually might end up paying Netflix more.

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