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How to fix the Netflix Site Error?

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Netflix Site Error usually appears due to a network error or when the data stored on your browser is causing issues and probably needs to be refreshed

If you see the Netflix Site Error alongwith the message, “We were unable to process your request. Please go to the Netflix home page by clicking the button below”, but aren’t able to resolve it, here are nine possible fixes for the error.

While they may seem elementary, these seem to get the Netflix Site Error fixed in most cases.

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Restart your browser

One of the simplest ways to resolve the Netflix Site Error is to restart your browser. Close it and then re-open the browser. If this doesn’t fix the error, continue troubleshooting below.

Clear cookies and cache from your web browser

You can try clearing the Netflix cookies on your browser by going to, which will sign you out of your account. Try signing in again and see if the Netflix Site Error is resolved.

What are browser cookies? Why are they needed? Types of Cookies

If you still see the error, try clearing the cookies and cache of your web browser. Follow the guides below to clear the cookies and cache on Chrome and Edge.

Netflix supports Edge on Windows 10, Internet Explorer on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. Other than that, you can also run Netflix on Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Restart your router/internet connection

Similar to the fix above, your router or modem’s firmware or software may be causing issues, which can be the case especially when they’ve been updated recently. Restarting the router can also help reset things and solve the Netflix Site Error.

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Restart your computer

While this might seem like an understatement when we said the steps to fix the error are elementary, but restarting your device can go a long way in fixing a lot of issues you might be having.

A simple restart can help clear any cache files or background processes that might be hindering Netflix from running smoothly.

Use an alternate browser

The Netflix site error can also be caused if your browser is not supported. As mentioned above, Netflix supports Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer. Running Netflix on any other browser can result in a site error. So, you choose an alternate browser from the list given above.

If you’re using one of the supported browsers and still seeing the error, you can try an alternate browser to see if that fixes your problem.

Sign in to another device

Try signing in to your Netflix account on some other device using the same network as your computer to ascertain that it’s not a network issue causing the problem. Note that you might have to sign out of any pre-existing logins to login to a new device.

If Netflix works on the other device, the issue is probably with your device or browser; you can troubleshoot using any of the methods above.

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Try connecting your device directly to the router via LAN

You can also connect your device directly to the router or modem using a LAN cable. It’s quite possible that your router’s WiFi antennas are misfiring and that could cause an issue with network stability when connected wirelessly.

Try connecting to the internet using the LAN cable and see if that fixes the Netflix Site Error.

Try to improve the WiFi signal

Similar to the case above, a weak WiFi signal could also cause the issue, especially if you’ve set your streaming or download settings to the highest quality.

You can try improving your WiFi signal by either moving the router’s location, which might not be ideal if it’s tied down with wires. In that case, however, you can use a repeater to boost the WiFi signal in your room.

If you can relocate the router, try putting it in a central spot in your home. It’s also recommended to keep your router on top of a cabinet or shelf to avoid its signal from getting restricted due to furniture.

Is it me or Netflix?

All said and done, if nothing above seems to get rid of the Netflix Site Error on your device and you’ve been wondering, “is it really you or is Netflix down?”, then you should check Netflix’s server status on their official page here or through third-party sites like DownDetector here.

If Netflix is down, then all you can do is wait for the service to come online.

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