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Nintendo officially ends X integration on Switch

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With its 18.1.0 Switch update, Nintendo has officially ended support for the Switch console’s integration with X, formerly known as Twitter.

This move makes Nintendo the final current-generation console to disable X integration, following in the footsteps of Microsoft and Sony, which discontinued their access last year.

The integration termination was part of the Nintendo Switch’s 18.1.0 update, which removed the ability for users to link their X accounts with the console or share in-game screenshots from titles like Super Smash Bros Ultimate directly to the social media platform.

These changes constituted the bulk of the 18.1.0 update, including general stability improvements and the removal of support for linking social media accounts via Switch’s Friend Suggestions feature.

While Nintendo announced these alterations last month, the company did not explicitly cite the reasons for pulling X support. However, given that Switch users can still share content on Facebook, it is speculated that this decision may be linked to pricing adjustments in X’s API, now starting at $42,000 per month for enterprise clients, The Verge notes.

Photo: Ascannio /
Although Nintendo did not explain why the company ended Switch’s X integration, experts believe it is due to pricey X enterprise API.| Photo: Ascannio /

It is worth noting that Microsoft did not mention X’s API update when it removed the ability for Xbox consoles to share game uploads to the service in April last year, nor did Sony address it when it followed suit in November for the PS5 or PS4.

While cost might not be the sole factor, Slack withdrew support due to API updates affecting its X integration functionality. Consequently, console gamers will face challenges connecting directly with the X platform.

Despite Nintendo’s decision, the X Gaming account expressed confidence in its partnership with Nintendo in a now-deleted post following the announcement of Switch support discontinuation.

In other news, Nintendo took down Gary’s Mod from the Steam Workshop and the Yuzu emulator from GitHub for copyright violation in April and May 2024, respectively.

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