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Nintendo Switch dock not working: Quick Fix

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Nintendo arrived back onto the handheld console world with the launch of the Switch. Not only is it a brilliant handheld console, but it also gets even better when you dock it to the factory provided dock. 

In this article, we’re taking a look at a few reasons why your dock might not be working and what you can do to get it up and running again. 

Why is your Switch dock not working?

There can be several reasons why your dock might not work; here are some of the most popular ones.

  • Hardware malfunction in the dock.
  • Dock is in error state.
  • Cables connected in incorrect order.
  • Not enough power being supplied to the dock.
  • HDMI issues.

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How to fix your Switch’s dock?

Follow these steps to see if you can get your dock up and running again. 

Power cycle the whole thing

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, restarting your devices will save you from the weirdest of bugs, and it applies here as well. Unplug everything from both ends and leave it like that for a few minutes. Then plug everything back in, the power at the end and see if your dock starts working. 

Get the cable order right

This might sound odd, but a bug in the dock can prevent it from working if the cables are plugged in the wrong order. Follow this order to rectify this.

  • Get the power cable plugged in first. Ensure that there’s power coming in to the dock.
  • Plug the HDMI cable next. Make sure that the other end of the HDMI cable is plugged into your display with the right input selected.
  • Finally, insert the switch in the dock and everything should work fine. 

Check the power adaptor

The dock’s power adaptor has a lot to do, including charging the Switch and sending signals to the display. This requires a lot of power, and if there’s insufficient power being supplied to the dock, it can stop working. 

In such cases, check to see if the dock’s power adaptor is working fine. If you’ve plugged it in a power strip or extension cord, try plugging the adaptor straight into a wall outlet. 

Try a different HDMI port

There’s also a possibility that the HDMI port you’re using on your TV is broken. Try switching to a different HDMI port and changing the corresponding input source to see if that solves your problem.

Check the HDMI cable

Checking whether the HDMI cable you’re using with the dock is in working condition or not is a good idea too. Simply try swapping cables or using the existing cable with some other peripherals to rule out the issue. 

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Check for a faulty dock

If all else fails, chances are something is broken in your dock, and you need to get it repaired. If you can, get your hands on another dock and try it with your existing setup to rule out the dock issue. 

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