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Nvidia implements ads on free tier GeForce Now cloud gaming

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Nvidia has announced that the users on the free tier of GeForce Now will now encounter advertisements from February 28th.

The move comes after Nvidia increased the price of GeForce Now in countries outside the US in October last year, citing the need to account for increased operational costs.

The free tier, which already involves waiting in line for a remote computer before each hour of gameplay, will include ads for up to two minutes while waiting in the queue to start a gaming session.

Nvidia argues that introducing ads will support the free service tier, asserting that the change is expected to reduce the average wait times for free users over time.

According to Nvidia spokesperson Stephanie Ngo, these ads will only be visible to free-tier users and will not interrupt their gameplay experience, reported The Verge.

While the move aims to finance the free tier, some critics argue that GeForce Now’s free offering lacks the impressive features showcased in its premium services. The free tier, which offers a glimpse into cloud gaming, has been criticised for its limitations compared to the more powerful and feature-rich GeForce Now Ultimate, priced at $20 per month.

The move by Nvidia is similar to several streaming services.

GeForce Now Ultimate provides users with the capabilities of an RTX 4080 in the cloud, reduced latency, and G-Sync monitor support.

Despite introducing ads to the free tier, Nvidia has not yet launched the anticipated $ 7.99-day pass, which some believe could offer a more compelling trial experience.

Nvidia plans to inform all free-tier users about the introduction of ads through emails scheduled for February 28th.

The trend of price hikes and the introduction of ad-supported tiers mirrors recent developments in various streaming services, including Netflix and Disney.

Understandably, companies need to introduce ads to support the free or basic subscription tiers. But, to that effect, companies must offer at least those features that the paid users are getting. A little disruption won’t hurt the players, but a lack of functionalities and features will surely do.

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