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NYT Connections Hint: May 21

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The New York Times’ Connections puzzle is a daily brain teaser that challenges you to find hidden links between seemingly unrelated words. If you want to tackle today’s challenge (May 21st, 2024), this is the article for you.

Are you stuck in today’s connections? Fear not—here’s a breakdown of the categories and clues to help you move forward.

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Today’s words

This Tuesday’s puzzle features sixteen words waiting to be connected. Unscrambling them will reveal four thematic categories, each containing words with a specific link. Here are today’s sixteen words:

  • DEAL
  • RACK
  • BUY
  • FACE
  • BALL
  • DASH
  • CUE
  • MAC
  • BIT

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Connections hint for today (May 21st, 2024)

Here are the hints for today to help you figure out the connections:

  • Yellow group: This category refers to a small amount of something. The answer words will likely be related to the concept of a tiny portion.
  • Green group: Think about deals and favourable prices. The answer words in this category will involve bargains.
  • Blue group: This category is about the billiards hall equipment.
  • Purple group: The answer words are not actual books but share a common word with ‘book’ in their names.


Connections categories for today (May 21st, 2024)

Don’t peek at the answers just yet. Look at these categories which might help you find the connections within the jumble of words:

  • Yellow category: SMIDGEN
  • Green category: BARGAIN
  • Blue category: BILLIARDS EQUIPMENT
  • Purple category: ___ BOOK (THAT’S NOT A BOOK)


NYT Connections answers for May 21

If the hints and categories weren’t enough and you still need a bit more help, here’s the detailed solution for the May 21 puzzle:

  • Yellow group: BIT, DASH, PINCH, TOUCH
  • Green group: BUY, DEAL, STEAL, VALUE
  • Blue group: BALL, CHALK, CUE, RACK
  • Purple group: FACE, MAC, MATCH, POCKET

Playing NYT Connections can be a great way to start your day, sharpening your mind and providing a sense of accomplishment once you’ve cracked the puzzle. If you’re ever stuck, referring to hints and solutions like the ones above can keep the fun going without too much frustration.

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