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NYT Connections Hint: May 29

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The New York Times’s Connections continues to be a brain teaser for word puzzle enthusiasts. Today’s challenge, Puzzle #353 (May 29th, 2024), might leave you scratching your head. But fear not; you are at the right place.

Here are the hints that will nudge you in the right direction. There are also categories and answers for those who need them.

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Today’s words

Unlike Wordle, where you guess a single word, Connections requires you to group sixteen words into four categories based on a hidden theme. Here are today’s words:

  • BULL
  • EATS
  • MEAT
  • FARE
  • FLEA
  • COW
  • CHOW
  • LEAD
  • GRUB

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Connections hint for today (May 29th, 2024)

These hints will nudge you in the right direction for the May 29th puzzle.

  • Yellow group: Think about things that satisfy your hunger.
  • Green group: These words are related to giving instructions or showing someone the way.
  • Blue group: Imagine someone trying to make you scared. These words describe that feeling.
  • Purple group: These words are all things you might find at a specific type of market. But it’s not your typical grocery store.


Connections categories for today (May 29th, 2024)

The New York Times keeps the categories under wraps, but don’t worry. We’re here to share them with you so you can better grasp today’s puzzle. Here are the categories:

  • Yellow category: FOOD
  • Green category: PILOT
  • Blue category: INTIMIDATE
  • Purple category: ____ MARKET


NYT Connections answers for May 29

Here are the answers for those who are seeking them:

  • Yellow group: CHOW, EATS, FARE, GRUB
  • Green group: DIRECT, GUIDE, LEAD, STEER
  • Blue group: BULLY, COW, DAUNT, RATTLE
  • Purple group: BULL, FLEA, MEAT, STOCK

Remember, practice makes perfect. The more you play Connections, the better you’ll become at spotting those tricky connections. So, good luck and happy puzzling.

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