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NYT Connections Hint: June 17

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On June 17, 2024, the New York Times’s daily word game, Connections, continues to challenge players with its unique format. In Connections, players are presented with a grid of 16 words and must group them into four categories of four words each based on shared themes.

Need a little guidance to jumpstart today’s puzzle? Here are some hints to point you in the right direction.

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Today’s words

NYT Connections features 16 words and a Shuffle button. Use this button to rearrange the words and gain a fresh perspective on the puzzle. Be mindful of your guesses, as you only have four attempts. Today’s 16 words are:

  • FIX
  • SHIP
  • HOLE
  • SPOT
  • BALM
  • SEND
  • MAIL
  • POST

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Connections hint for today (June 17th, 2024)

For today’s puzzle, here are some hints to help guide you without giving away the complete answers:

  • Yellow group: This category hints at something you do with an item. Think about the act of receiving something you purchased online.
  • Green group: This category focuses on something you put on your lips. It’s likely related to makeup or beauty products.
  • Blue group: This category describes a challenging or difficult situation.
  • Purple group: This category deals with units of measurement. It’s likely related to temperature or a similar concept.


Connections categories for today (June 17th, 2024)

Each category varies in difficulty, with the yellow group typically being the easiest and the purple group the most challenging. If you find yourself stuck, we have revealed the categories for today’s puzzle. Here are they:

  • Yellow category: DELIVER, AS A PACKAGE
  • Green category: KINDS OF LIP MAKEUP
  • Blue category: PREDICAMENT
  • Purple category: MEASURED IN DEGREES


NYT Connections answers for June 17th

If you’re completely stuck, there’s no harm in taking a peek at the answers. Here are the solutions for today’s NYT Connections puzzle:

  • Yellow group: MAIL, POST, SEND, SHIP
  • Green group: BALM, GLOSS, LINER, STAIN
  • Blue group: CORNER, FIX, HOLE, SPOT

Remember, each row and column in the Connections puzzle is connected by a common theme. Analyse the leftover words after you’ve filled in some blanks. This can help eliminate incorrect options and steer you towards the right answer. With these hints in mind, you’re well on your way to solving today’s NYT Connections puzzle.

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