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NYT Connections Hint: June 22

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The New York Times’s daily puzzle, Connections, has been capturing the interest of puzzle enthusiasts everywhere with its unique format and challenging gameplay. Each day presents a new set of words or phrases that players must group into sets of four based on their hidden connections.

If you’re finding today’s puzzle particularly tricky, here are some subtle hints to help guide you towards the solution.

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Today’s words

The game presents you with 16 words divided into four coloured groups. Each group has a specific theme that connects all four words. Your goal is to identify the theme and sort the words into their corresponding groups. You only get four attempts, so making educated guesses is crucial. Here are today’s 16 words:

  • WOOD
  • RING
  • DOG
  • FOG
  • LINK
  • IRON
  • BRAT
  • OMEN

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Connections hint for today (June 22nd, 2024)

Without giving away the full solutions, here are some hints for today’s puzzle:

  • Yellow group: Think about things that come in a specific order or follow a sequence.
  • Green group: Think about the world of golf. These words all share a connection to the equipment used in this popular sport.
  • Blue group: This category features elements from classic scary films.
  • Purple group: They’re all different names for a type of savoury, often grilled food.


Connections categories for today (June 22nd, 2024)

The NYT Connections uses four categories of words with a common theme. Here’s a breakdown of today’s Connections categories:

  • Yellow category: OWN THING AFTER ANOTHER
  • Green category: KINDS OF GOLF CLUBS
  • Blue category: HORROR MOVIES, WITH “THE”
  • Purple category: WORDS FOR SAUSAGE


NYT Connections answers for June 22nd

If you’re still stuck after considering the hints, you can find the solutions below:

  • Yellow group: CHAIN, SERIES, STRING, TRAIN
  • Green group: DRIVER, IRON, WEDGE, WOOD
  • Blue group: BIRDS, FOG, OMEN, RING
  • Purple group: BRAT, DOG, FRANK, LINK

Connections is a delightful blend of wordplay, lateral thinking, and general knowledge. By using these strategies and hints, you’ll enhance your problem-solving skills and enjoy the satisfaction of solving today’s challenge.

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