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One by Wacom review: Good creative pen tablet for beginners?

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If you have been thinking about getting an iPad someday to practice on procreate, One by Wacom can be a good beginner’s tool. With a pressure-sensitive stylus, the One by Wacom pen tablet is vastly affordable and easy to use and set up. It comes with a USB-A port cable and extra pressure-sensitive nibs.

One by Wacom has a chargeless Lithium-ion battery that is extra lightweight and ergonomic. A black front panel and red back panel make it stand out and give it a sleek look. It is an affordable device and offers smooth management that can be used in any environment. It is the perfect beginner tablet for anyone looking to dabble in graphic designing and to see if it suits their style.

One by Wacom review: Good creative pen tablet for beginners?

In this article, we will review the One by Wacom pen tablet and inform you about its specifications so you can decide if it is worth buying.

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One by Wacom price

One by Wacom is available on Amazon for ₹3307 (small tablet) or $49.95 on their website. It is currently available in two sizes: small and medium.

One by Wacom specsheet

Here are the technical specifications for the One by Wacom creative pen tablet:

ColourFront – Black
Back – Red
WeightSmall tablet: 250g
Medium tablet: 432g
Pen: 9g
Stylus TypePressure-sensitive, cordless, battery-free pen
Resolution2540 lpi
ConnectionUSB A port
CompatibilityPC: Windows 7 or later
Mac: OS X 10.10 or later
Chromebook: Chrome OS 87 or later (Kernel 4.4 + required)
Pen Pressure Levels2048
Active AreaSmall: 152.0 x 95.0 mm (6.0 x 3.7 in)
Medium: 216.0 x 135.0 mm (8.5 x 5.3 in)
Product DimensionsSmall: 210 x 146 x 8.7 mm / 8.3 x 5.7 x 0.3 in
Medium: 277 x 189 x 8.7 mm / 10.9 x 7.4 x 0.3 in
Model NumberSmall: CTL-472
Medium: CTL-672
Multi-Touch No
ErgonomicsEither right or left-handed use
Battery ‎1 Lithium ion battery required

One by Wacom creative pen tablet review

Here, we will review the creative pen tablet One by Wacom. The areas mentioned below will help you get a good outlook on this pen tablet:

Design and build quality

One by Wacom has a very light and ergonomic stability that makes it easy to handle. You can carry it anywhere; the entire box is as big as an A5 notebook. It is convenient for note-making or photo editing. The pen tablet’s dual red and black colours make it stand out from the crowd and look smart. It has a compact design with a large active area, making it convenient for beginners in drawing, sketching, or editing.

‘One by’ is the name of the series produced by Wacom, which is pretty simple to set up. You can connect the creative pen tablet to your device, which should have the latest version of Chrome OS. The stylus is pretty lightweight as well and comes with two buttons.


To use your One by Wacom pen tablet, you will have to visit their website and install drivers. You can view a video on how to go about installing the driver, or you can view it here. Head to this page of their website to directly install the set-up driver for both Windows and Mac OS. You can follow the given steps to set up your pen tablet:

  • Download the driver from their website.
  • Click on the downloaded file and click on Yes. Let the file run and install itself.
  • It will ask for your agreement on its privacy policy as well. After some time it will request you to restart your computer to complete the setup.

After set-up is complete, One by Wacom is easy to use. You can connect the pen tablet to your device with a standard USB-A port. You can test the tablet out on a note-taking app.

Personal experience

One by Wacom turned out to have more surprising features than expected. It has a super lightweight body, making it easy to carry while travelling. We initially assumed that the simple design and easy setup did not leave much to the imagination. How wrong were we! One by Wacom is the perfect graphic design tablet for beginners and anyone looking for iPad alternatives. This pen tablet can help you gain confidence while creating digital art and help you get enough practice in the digital medium.

Highly affordable and easy to use, Wacom’s ‘One by’ pen tablet can be utilised for note-making, editing photos, and sketching designs. This stylus can be your first practice digital pen, and the One by tablet can be your entrance into the world of digital art. Some cool features that we discovered in One by Wacom’s pen tablet are:

  • The pen can act as a mouse. Hover the pen over the tablet over a close range of a centimetre, and your mouse icon will hover all over your screen, zoom or undo. You can also use the screen keyboard to type anywhere.
  • The two buttons on the stylus or pen can have two different functions you can select and change from the software. They can perform a variety of functions.
  • You can also adjust the active area, the maximum tablet area in use.
  • The tablet’s portrayal of the device screen can be changed according to the orientation of your work, horizontal, vertical, and a few more settings.
  • You can write your name in a small blank space at the back of this pen tablet. It has a pen holder on its side as well.

One by Wacom: What’s in the box?

The One by Wacom pen tablet’s box consists of:

  • One pen tablet with a small pen holder band on the side
  • One pen
  • Replacement Nibs
  • A metallic nib remover
  • USB Cable
  • Quick start guide
  • Warranty Card

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