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16 Online publications that you must follow to bring some positivity into your life

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16 online publications that will bring some positivity into your life

Let’s call it what it is, more often than not the world can be a depressing place and sometimes your social feeds can disrupt your inner peace and bore you.

To liven up and bring some positivity and knowledge into your life, here are 16 of our top positive and interesting content publications that you can follow.

We have gathered content publication across different platforms and listed them on the order as mentioned follows:

  • Websites
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Podcasts

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The Better India

The Better India(TBI) is an Indian digital media publishing platform based out of India, which mainly focuses on bringing forth positive news from around the country. Although this might be largely relevant to the Indian audience, reading the stories told by TBI can move anyone’s heart, immaterial of their location.

You can find it here

/rUplifitingNews (on Reddit)

As the name suggests, this popular subreddit flourishes with positive, uplifting news and countless heartwarming videos and images from all over the world.

You can find it here


Goodnet is a website focused on sharing positive news, build awareness and engage — bringing people together to do some good.

You can find it here

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Chances are you’ve come across this page, or it is already on your liked pages. If you’re one of those who hasn’t yet well, you’re missing out on a  ton of fun as 9gag posts funny content frequently which is sure to liven up your day. They also have a website that you can find here.

You can find it here


FBE stands for Fine Brothers Entertainment and is a part of the TheFineBros (now FBE) YouTube channel that specialises in making reaction videos of people from various age groups on multiple topics. It is a unique and entertaining show to watch.

You can find it here


BuzzFeed is another wildly popular page that has roots in YouTube. They post Insightful, thought-provoking, fun, and positive content which is sure to make you smile. You can access their website here.

You can find it here

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Good Mythical Mornings

Good Mythical Morning is a daily morning talk show hosted by the energetic and explosive Rhett and Link. It is a wonderful show covering various hilarious topics such as “worst toys to step on” and “worst as seen on TV ranked” in a TV show quality production, which won’t fail to impress.

You can find it here

The School of Life

Are you a thinker? Do you wonder about emotions? If you do, The School of Life is an amazing channel that deeply explores emotional well-being, philosophy, psychotherapy, and literature and beautifully explains it merely in 5-10 minute videos. It comes highly recommended for producing positive quality content.

You can find it here


Vsauce is one of the original science channels of YouTube and is highly entertaining and positively thought-provoking with some quality content ranging from human behaviour to space, which not only makes you smarter but also allows you to see a new perspective on day to day things.

You can find it here


Are you Into pop-culture? Do you also like diving deep behind the philosophy of said pop-culture icons? If you answered ‘yes’ then Wisecrack is your drug. They make some fantastic food for thought content that is sure to make you see life with a positive outlook.

You can find it here

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The Good Quote

TheGoodQuote is a blissful account posting picture quotes since 2011. With over 2,500 posts is sure to boost up your feed with positivity.

You can find it here

Tanks Good News

Curated by the popular Tank Sinatra with the intent of enriching the follower’s feed with positive and uplifting news every day, this Instagram account is a must-follow.

You can find it here

Animals Doing Things

Who doesn’t like animals being goofy on camera? The account AnimalsDoingThings curates cute animal posts all across the internet for your viewing pleasure.

You can find it here

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The Daily Boost

I’ve been a huge fan and a long time listener of The Daily Boost, which is hosted by the energetic and ever positive Scott Smith. Scott is a magician who can explain an hour’s worth of motivational and positive content in under 10 minutes. Check out his show and you won’t be disappointed.

You can find it here

The Tim Ferriss show

Timothy Ferriss is an entrepreneur, author, writer, motivational speaker and an absolute beast when it comes to productivity. What’s his USP? Unlike other motivational speakers, he lives by what he preaches and gives us proof and result of his methods.

You can find it here

TED Radio Hour

The TED radio hour by NPR is a curated podcast which is a supplement of the TED talks the host Guy Raz is a wonderful host who interviews various speakers on their TED speeches which provides unique insights into their mind.

You can find it here

The podcasts mentioned above are also available on Google Podcast as well as other streaming sources — look them up on your preferred one. The Podcasts links above redirect to Apple’s iTunes store.

While this list might be exhaustive, it is a good starter pack of sources which can liven up your feed and expand your mind while you’re at it.

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