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Why is my Ooze pen blinking green? Quick Fix

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The Ooze twist series features over half a dozen gadgets to keep people’s options open, but most buyers have faced the same issue — their Ooze pen blinking green once or twice, if not more, after having it around for a while.

While Ooze pens usually blink green on every button click, if it’s flashing a green light even when you’re not pressing any buttons, chances are it’s facing issues.

The major reasons your Ooze pen blinks green could be due to a connection error between the device and the cartridge or an issue with the battery.

The pen might also blink if a component is damaged and needs repair before the pen can be used. Here’s a quick overview of the reasons and fixes if your Ooze pen blinks green.

Blinks greenReasonFixes
More than four timesConnection issue caused by a leaky or deformed cartridge or coil.Clean with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol.
More than 10 timesDischarged or dead batteryCharge the pen; if the charger lights up red, your pen is discharged.

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4 ways to fix Ooze pen

Here are four ways you can try out to fix the Ooze pen’s green flashing notification light before you return it for repairs.

Charge the pen

As mentioned above, a discharged battery is one of the reasons you’re seeing the green blinking light in your Ooze pen. So, if the pen flashes green 10-15 times but doesn’t work, plug it into the charger, and the pen should light green and the charger red. As soon as the charge is complete, the charger will turn green.

Clean the pen

If the pen blinks four to five times but doesn’t work, it’s likely a connection error, which can be caused due to a leaky cartridge, irregularly shaped cartridge or damaged coils.

In such a case, you can try cleaning the connectors with a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol applied.

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Change the cartridge

In case the cartridge is deformed or leaky, the best way forward is to swap it for a new one to insure that it doesn’t damage your pen too.

Change the battery

If the battery is dead, you’ll need to find a nearby Ooze store or retailer or and get your Ooze pen’s battery replaced.

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CT Editorial Team