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Pixel Tablet images leak ahead of I/O 2023

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With Google I/O just around the corner starting on May 10, there’s much anticipation about the Pixel tablet, announced in October 2022. While I/O is generally a software-centric event, there’s a good possibility that we might see Google’s first-ever tablet finally hit the shelves. 

Other than the fact that it’s a tablet that’ll have its own Google Assistant-like dock, the company hasn’t confirmed any details about the device. That said, images of the tablet and some key specifications have been leaked. It’s not a lot, but it does give some sense of what the Pixel Tablet’s performance and design might look like. The tablet is expected to launch at Google I/O 2023 with a starting price of € 600-650.

Here’s how the Pixel Tablet might look like from the front. | Source: @evleaks

For specifications, you can expect the tablet to use Google’s Tensor G2 chip, the same as the Pixel 7 lineup, supported by 8GB of RAM and two storage options — 128GB and 256GB. You’ll get an 8MP camera featuring Sony’s IMX355 sensor on the back and on the front with a 10.9-inch, 1600 x 2560 resolution display. We don’t know the battery capacity of the tablet, but it’s expected to have 18W fast charging, which isn’t quite fast in 2023 but we’ll have to wait for Google to confirm that. 

As for the design, leaked images from Twitter tipster Evan Blass show surprisingly thick bezels on the display. This might be intentional though, considering the tablet is expected to be frequently docked and undocked, it’s not such a bad idea to have someplace to hold the device without accidental touches. This makes the front camera placement along the landscape edge perfect for any docked video calls you might make. 

The 10.9-inch resolution display should give you a fair amount of space. | Source: @evleaks

The port situation is also going to be pretty standard. You get one USB-C port with two speaker grills on the bottom of the tablet, in addition to a power and volume button which will likely be laid out in the same format as Pixel phones.

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