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The most popular games and genres you should try playing this weekend

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The gaming industry continues to evolve and offer players new concepts and genres that will provide new gaming experiences.

To understand and understand all formats, you can watch a partial walkthrough on YouTube, or try to play demo versions and buy games on online platforms, or pay for a subscription, if everything suits you.

World of Warcraft

One of the most important and popular projects from Blizzard, which brought a new genre to the gaming industry – MMO RPG.

The format is similar to a regular RPG, where there is a main plot that cannot be changed, but you will develop your hero at your own discretion and decide for yourself how, when and which mechanics to pay attention to.

The project is distributed through a paid subscription, but up to level 20 you can test World of Warcraft and decide whether it’s worth paying for a full subscription and continuing to develop the hero.

You will choose your side of the conflict – the Horde faction, or the Alliance – irreconcilable enemies who will always fight among themselves and will not be able to communicate with each other in any way – they will not even understand each other’s speech.

The main efforts will be focused on obtaining boosts and World of Warcraft gold. These two aspects will allow you not only to try out all types of content that the developers offer you, but also to do it comfortably and interestingly.

You will complete quests and learn the reasons for the enmity between factions, and develop your hero through story and side quests.

The second point, which will be pleasant for players who love the simple and sometimes unprincipled mechanics of exterminating monsters and gaining experience and resources for this.

This format is largely popular among players and is called grinder.

Then you will be able to collect resources and upgrade full-fledged professions in order to develop your craft and create items that will be useful not only to your main character, but also to other players who will buy them, or request them through the order table, paying WoW gold for your services.

Another interesting gameplay aspect will be raids – these are complex and massive attacks by large groups on dungeons where bosses live.

Bosses are reinforced monsters that have large reserves of health, defense and attack potential and have special massive attacks that are dealt spontaneously and are needed to disrupt a raid of any complexity.

Game groups that manage to survive all the attacks and defeat the boss will receive a random reward from the list of drops that this chapter of the dungeon has and, with proper luck, these can be reinforced items that sometimes cannot be obtained in any other way, including crafting, which motivates players to gather in groups and try their hand at character enhancements.

CS 2

Players who love active action projects can try their hand at CS 2 – this is from Valve, which replaced CS 1.6 and CS GO.

This is a format of battles between special forces and terrorists, where each round is a new story, teams play and even change roles halfway through the match to determine the winner in a series of rounds.

The game has its own economy and each weapon has its own price, as does the payout for killing with it.

Each team will spend money on weapons, body armor and helmets, and grenades. Each player can contribute to the match through his shooting and desire to communicate – including buying weapons for his allies, who sank in finances, if he earned less money than he spent and the team did not set a bomb for terrorists, or often saved weapons for special forces, which is not profitable from the point of view of payment at the end of the round, or rather not payment of money at all.

CS is interesting because each player plays a big role in each round – his actions, shooting and team play. It is important to use grenades and have your own sniper as part of the team.

An interesting change in CS 2 was the new system for distributing titles and ranks.

If previously you had a general rank on all maps, now the result on a specific map will be taken on which you will be assigned a rating, which will always pit you against equal opponents when you begin to expand your list of maps, without having to suffer and not know what to do against well-prepared players. Now, as a beginner, you will be matched with the same players on every map where you do not have a high rating.

GTA 5 online

If you just want to have an interesting time and spend a dynamic weekend, try GTA online, even if you have not played the storyline, although it is advisable that you do so in order to understand all the mechanics.

You will be able to travel around Los Angeles, take part in races, engage in robberies and run a business of finding and transporting cargo.

You can even produce weapons and deliver them to customers to earn money.

Of course, the key mechanic was and remains the robbery system, which follows the best traditions of films of the corresponding genre.

You must find a planning point, plan the overall concept of the heist, obtain all the tools and resources, assemble your team and carry out the heist in several stages.

You can even set how much all the money generated will be divided between all participants.

The most interesting thing is that there are players who can simply enjoy their actions in virtual L.A. and simply go to the beach, or the famous amusement park on the pier, or take a sports car, get out of town and enjoy the most beautiful points of Hollywood and locations, with of which the city is at your fingertips.

Of course, it will be more interesting and more pragmatic to play with friends in order to prevent outside players from entering your lobby, where they can either be useful or disruptive and spoil the gaming session – you never know, and it is better to go through all the main moments with players with whom communication is possible.

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