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Planning to switch over to Linux? Take a look at these popular Windows apps also available on Linux

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With the countless and annoying updates Windows gets every now and then, the OS has proved to be not very stable and many are flocking over to using Linux based operating systems instead.

Also, there is a faster spread of viruses in Windows than in Linux as the user accounts have very strict access privileges. Due to this, the root files of the Linux OS are hard to access by a virus.

Even though there are many Linux-based virus like – *nix, the entire system has never been shut down by malware or trojans and has shown beyond doubt that it is better protected than Windows.

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Switching over to Linux

If you’re an avid Windows user and are planning to migrate over to Linux, you will take some time to get accustomed. Fortunately, here’s a list of popular Windows apps that are available for Linux to get you started.


Perhaps the most important app required on first switching over to Linux, Dropbox can be very helpful in retaining your data from your old OS.

Even if you have Linux as a dual booted OS on your system, you can access data stored in the Windows Dropbox application, from the Dropbox present on your Linux by logging into it with your account credentials.

Download Dropbox for Linux here.


With barely any differences from the Windows application, Skype can now be used among Linux users for chatting via text, voice and video with your contacts.

There are many VoIP clients available in Linux which makes using Skype on it seamless and an overall enjoyable experience.

Download Skype for Linux here.

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One of the most popular multimedia apps used widely on Windows is available for Linux. VLC supports most media formats, downloads subtitles, lets you subscribe to podcasts and so much more.

You can be sure to watch videos and listen to music just as easily you used to on your Windows VLC by use of the VLC app for Linux.

Download VLC for Linux here.


Enjoy gaming too much to forego the Windows OS? Don’t worry, as Linux offers Steam – an application that lets you play some really cool games like DOTA 2, War Thunder, Robocraft and much more.

Even though the gaming scene is not as advanced as it is in Windows, popular games are being updated on the Steam app daily so that you can enjoy them from over your Linux OS.

Download Steam for Linux here.

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The open-source DAW (digital audio workstation) Audacity is also available for Linux that lets you edit, record, digitalise vinyl records, edit podcasts and much more.

There isn’t much difference in the UI and you can resume any projects you were working on the Windows app on the Linux one.

Download Audacity for Linux here.

Google Chrome

Most Linux OS flavours come with Mozilla Firefox pre-installed, but if you prefer surfing the web using Google Chrome, the app is available for Linux as well.

Given that you’ve synced your account with Chrome, you will be able to retain any bookmarks and tabs you were working on when you switch to Linux OS.

Download Google Chrome for Linux here.

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Mozilla’s Thunderbird has proved to be an efficient email client that handles and takes a back up of emails, RSS feeds, Usenet groups and so on.

This back-up will be available for your Linux also even though you’ve used it on Windows previously.

Download Thunderbird for Linux here.


A very popular media management application that organises movies, TV shows, music and other media formats is available for Linux.

The super easy UI, a vast range of plugins and re-skin options make Kodi truly a personalised media centre.

Download Kodi for Linux here.

If you are struggling with the user interface of the Linux OS and prefer the Windows one, here’s a list of Windows like Linux distributions to help you get familiarised with the OS.

There are also many Windows emulators like Winepak that will help you run Windows apps on Linux. Mind you, Linux will be susceptible to Windows’ viruses once Winepak is installed.

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