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Proton Pass further secures information sharing

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Proton, the company behind privacy-focused tools such as Proton Mail, Proton Pass, and Proton Drive, announced a new Secure Password Sharing feature for the Proton Pass password manager that was released in beta in June.

As the name suggests, Secure Password Sharing allows users to share confidential and personal data with their peers.

Using this feature, users can create shared vaults that act as an end-to-end encrypted storehouse that can only be accessed by the designated group of individuals or groups. The vault owner then sends an email invite to those individuals who don’t have a Proton Pass account, and from there, the individuals can sign up for a free Proton Pass account to access the vault.

Key features of Secure Password Sharing in Proton Pass include an Identity Protection Net, allowing temporary sharing of sensitive items like credit card information with the ability to revoke access when necessary.

The new feature allows users to share secure vaults with other individuals.

Furthermore, Proton Pass’s Secure Password Sharing enables seamless collaboration by allowing team members or family members to effortlessly share essential passwords and login credentials while maintaining high-security standards.

Additionally, users will have flexible control over the vault, allowing them to specify who has access to each shared vault and the level of access. The service is cross-platform compatible, ensuring greater flexibility.

“Secure Password Sharing is not just a feature; it’s a commitment to our users that we will continue to develop solutions that prioritize their privacy and security and that we will make them available to everyone, paid or free,” said Son Nguyen, Product Lead for Proton Pass. “This is a significant milestone in our ongoing mission to make the digital world safer and more secure for everyone.”

Proton has been expanding its services. In August, the company rolled out three new Proton VPN plans for catering to business users. Proton VPN also added the NetShield ad-blocker in May. In April, the company introduced end-to-end encryption in Proton Calender, making it more secure.

With small improvements to its product range, Proton is looking to earn customer’s trust and emerge as a major player in the market.

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