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Proton and Reporters Without Borders team up to protect journalists worldwide

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Proton has announced a partnership with Reporters Without Borders (RSF) throughout the following year to help train, equip and protect journalists worldwide. 

Proton announced the partnership stating that “empowering reporters with the security, privacy, and freedom to do their work online has always been a guiding principle in the development of our suite of encrypted products.”

This isn’t the first time the two organisations have come together. In a previous project, Proton had donated funds from their 2018 Lifetime account auction to RSF’s Berlin Scholarship Program, which trains journalists working in conflict zones on digital security measures.

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Safe and sound, digitally at least

Proton will be aiding RSF by raising funds using their Lifetime Fundraiser for RSF programs, including the aforementioned Berlin Scholarship Program, RSF’s Digital Security Lab and its Assistance program, which aims to provide financial and logistical support to journalists under repression due to their reporting.

Secondly, the company will also be giving out free ProtonMail Plus and ProtonVPN Plus plan bundles to RSF affiliated journalists working in conflict zones or under repressive regimes. 

Lastly, Proton will be sending its representatives to RSF workshops and seminars to better train journalists on protection against cyberthreats, avoiding online surveillance and bypassing censorship. The company will also work with RSF staff to find new areas of “cooperation and coordination” over the following year. 

Proton’s fourth annual fundraiser event — the Lifetime Charity Fundraiser will signal the beginning of this partnership, with all the proceeds going to RSF. Additionally, Proton will match the funds raised to $100,000. 

The raffle for the event begins on December 13 and will go on until December 28. An announcement will be posted on the Proton Blog with links to buy raffle tickets. 

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